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WordPress Testing Solution

Posted by Shane

One of the problems the core developers have of WordPress is the amount of testing that goes on. Since this is free/open source software, users usually do not try software that they can get free. When its paid software they fell like it’s an obligation to make sure that they are getting their’s money worth before having it officially released as the ‘offical’ version.

It doesn’t work that way for WordPress. Stephen Cronin has posted up some ideas on his website and one stands out that could work for WordPress.

The Staged Released version from Stephen’s is a version that I like to see adapted for WordPress. This would allow more people to get in the testing without having the entire WordPress user base feeling any remaining issues.

What would it take to get this implemented? It would have to go in after 3.0.x. The update API would have to be re-written to allow this kind of update. This kind of update might be beneficial for users who also might want ignore plugin updates.

Ignore options would be stored and could be restored in the future if the user would like to come back into the testing and/or see plugin updates.

I think this is a really good idea and should be implemented in WordPress 3.1.x.

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