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Hello everyone! I am in beautiful Park City, Utah after my 4 hour flight this morning from (JFK Airport) Long Island, New York. It been quite a ride. Granted it is two hours behind New York, so my body is still on New York Time, but I am trying to do a hard adjustment to minimize my energy impact.

After a nice 5am wake up call and a half hour to “get ready” (I put that loosely) I awaited my ride to the airport. My pickup was right on time. He went to building 12 first — woke up them up — called me and asked me where I was. I told him he was off my one apartment and that he should just keep driving down a little ways.

After that we drove to JFK via Highway 27, we found the highway was closed about a quarter miles from the on ramp from where we entered the highway due to a Jeep hitting a bridge. Not a very big deal for us, but the Monday morning commute might have had a hard time in the area though. We got to the Delta terminal an hour later at 6:30am.

6:30am – I checked in my one bag (for $15) last night before I left today so I didn’t have to pay at the gate. They didn’t even weigh my bag. Nice! I went through security, which was very quick since no flights were really taking off at that time. I got the new gate with 2 hours to spare — yes — I was the first one to arrive. I saw a few Best Buy

8:40am – I was in row 23F on the Boeing 757 so that put me in the last zone for boarding. I was not able put my carry on bag above my seat, but I did put it up above row 28 D-E-F seats. this was a problem getting off the plane since everyone wanted to leave and I needed to head back.

10:01am – Wheels up! We climbed super quick to 10,000 feet banking right for a direct route to Salt Lake City. Not much for me to do on the plane. I didn’t want to pay for the WiFi they offered — tempting — to short of a flight for WiFi including I forgot to charge my laptop battery. I forgot my headphones for the small tv that they do provide free live/on air programing. There was even a trivia section in which you can play other seatmates on the plane. I tired this for the last hour. I was bad.

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