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A Family Affair

Posted by Shane

Today was the first official day that myself, my mom, and sister where skiing here in Park City, UT. I’ll let you know that the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Not an ounce of wind. Pure sun with a touch of the day time moon overlooking the mountain.

Today being my first time skiing since last February in Jackson Hole, WY, we took 2 easy “blue” runs for me to warm up on. Mom and Sis had no choice since I needed to get back into the groove, but after the second run down it was time for some more impressive runs.

Top of McConkeys

Top of McConkeys: Tam, Mom, and Me

Glory Hole Run with the Day Moon

Glory Hole Run with the Day Moon

In total today we skied 18,364 vertical feet. (Sis did 19,642. Did one more run at the end of the day than me.) Why vertical feet? Glad you asked? It’s almost next to impossible to figure out the length of the run you just did because you might veer off a run and start another one to have one continues movement. So you measure the amount of vertical feet of the chair lifts you take. The steepness of the run does not matter. Did you notice we are all wearing red? Light red all the way to dark red. This was not planed at all.

One run we did three times called Blue Slip, a double diamond run. (That means “Experts Only” for you non-skiers reading this blog.) And to get to that lift you have to take the same chair lift, but there is many ways to get to the lift.

You can go here to watch me ski down Blue Slip. I am the first one down followed by my sister.

Other than Blue Slip these are the other runs I remember taking today (View Map):

  1. Double Jack – Diamond
  2. Newport – Diamond
  3. Payday – Blue
  4. Silver Queen – Double Blue
  5. Homerun – Green (Only way to get down at the end of the day.)
  6. Tycoon – Double Blue
  7. Sunrise – Double Blue

These are not all the runs, but just a sampling on this first day of skiing. After the skiing I took a dip in the Hot Tub at the condo and then a hot shower to help my sore ankle. I got in the hot tub each day no matter what because the hot water feels so good.

Hot Tub Relaxation

Hot Tub Relaxation

For a quick hot drink it was a French Vanilla Hot Chocolate. Very yummy. Dinner was homemade Chili with Pasta. For desert it was a piece of homemade Apple pie.

That’s about it! After a long ski day, tonight I am going to sleep well. Till tomorrow…

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