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So yesterday was a very slow day because today was my 7am wake up so I can take the 8:45am power clinic for expert skiers only. Lets do a little recap of yesterday even though this post is about today’s exciting day.

Recap of 2/24/10: Mom was sick. She did not ski, so it was just myself and sis. We did all groomed runs in a very windy and snowy day with very little viability down the slopes. Even in the very terrible conditions we did 18,885 vertical feet. We ended early as well since sister’s foot was getting cold. So left me lots of energy. I was very bored all evening until I went to bed.

So today I started very early as I mentioned up top. Since it snowed the night before (and it was still snowing when I arrived at the mountain) there was tons of snow on the ground. We are taking a good 7 inches on the base and 10 inches at least on the tops of the peeks.

With my lesson in the morning having virgin snow to ski on was a given. Two runs we went down, it seems liked we were the first ones down minus ski patrol. One was called Vista. Yes. Same name as the worst operating system from Microsoft, but a very gorgeous run with lots of snow and trees.

After my two-hour lesson, I took two trips up the payday lift to ski some blacks while waiting for mom and sister to arrive to the mountain. At this point they have just gotten up, and I been skiing for 3.5 hours and I am already starting to get hungry. I had some power bars on the mountain while heading up the King Con lift.

At lunch, we ended up at a special spot. Sorry. Some secrets stay with the family. At that time though, I have a great picture of me having ‘Helmet Hair’.

Helmet Hair

Helmet Hair during Lunch

So we ended the day two hours after lunch because the mountain was already started to close down.

My vertical feet today was much higher than mom’s and sisters. With my runs the vertical feet was 10,484 and with mom and sister the vertical feet was 13,414 (Sis went up one time quickly at the end). So today’s total is 10,484 plus 13,414 equals 23,898 vertical feet. Woohooo!

Tomorrow we are heading to the Canyon Mountain to get more variety. Till next time..

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I been reading about that here in Utah. For sure werid. I guess I brought some of the snow from NY to UT because it hadn’t snowed here in UT for up to 10 days until I arrived.