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So today we skied a different mountain: The Canyons. (Why am I even linking to them?) When we all woke up, we were a little tired from yesterdays massive ski day especially me since I did twice what my mom and sister did with me including the extra lift ride my sister did. But we have three mountains to ski on: Park City, Deer Vally, and Canyons. We are heading to Snowbird mountain one day as well. So you get a bit of variety in terms of runs, lifts, and food.

Back to the main point of this days adventures. Today’s mountain sucked big time. As my mom would call it: All System Failed. But lets start from the beginning shall we….

We got up, ate, and headed to the bus. 15 minutes later we arrived at Canyons Mountain. We got the tickets and we proceeded up the Cabriolet lift. This is something you take up to the main skiing area so it’s not factored into the vertical runs. After getting to the “base” of the mountain we headed for the Gondola. We were happy up the gondola and then came the first sign of bad trouble.

We wanted to get to the Tombstone Express lift. There is only one way a single blue run called Chicane. This run had 1,000 people on it coming from all different directions and people were not obeying the ski-right-of-way rules and regulations that are just basic common sense for skiing or for short: Skier Safety. We went up the lift to see if we can get away from everyone and that really didn’t work. We tried a few runs of this lift only to be unsatisfied with results. We then decided we need to try another part of the mountain.. the right “new” side called Murdock Peak.

Getting over was quite a chore. You had to take a lift that brings you over because you can not ski over a cliff. So once we were up we took an unexpected lift up called the Sunset Express lift and we did the run that was right next to it. Nothing to fancy. Again there was a lot of skiers on the run and to many slow pokes as well. So by this time we are pretty much done with the mountain. After riding up the gondola to have lunch at the top, we find out the reason why from a snowboarder in which we shared our ride with: Most skiers on this mountain are not tourists, but locals because it’s a much “rugged” terrain. I had it all backwards in the morning after our first run.

So the greatest part of this day was heading off the mountain for me. Total vertical feet was 13,385. I will not ever visit this mountain ever again. On a side note, we went to the main street of Park City today and went out to dinner and we had a blast.

Tomorrow is Deer Valley and I expect better results.

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