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SAT Question (Pick One): Deer Valley is to Heaven as Canyons is to…

  1. Hell
  2. Bottomless Pit
  3. Place of Torment
  4. Wretchedness

Place answer here: _____

You pick one? You are correct! They are all possible answers in this version of the SAT. 😛

What a difference 24 hours is in terms of the location of where we are skiing. Today was pure bliss. Nothing short of perfect. Weather again was perfect. Sun, Little Wind, and above 32 degrees that it was steaming hot on the mountain when skiing down. As you might have guessed, we skied Deer Valley today. It was a much better day than skiing at The Canyons yesterday.

This mountain is groomed for perfect skiing and perfect skiing conditions. Let go over some of the fun facts that I learned while on the mountain:

  • No Snowboarders – This is a double win for no snow that is scraped down.
  • Limited Amount of Tickets Sold – Less people on the mountain.
  • Organized Lifts – are spread out so you can take any number of runs and they all go to the same place.
  • Food – Was most tasteful. Lots of variety. I got the Chili Turkey. Yummy.
  • Foot Rests – Even on the older lifts (which there wasn’t that many) even had foot rests welded on.

Deer Valley: Bald Eagle Mountain Top

Deer Valley: Bald Eagle Mountain Top - Sis, Mom. and Me

Overall a much better skiing day. Lunch had a funny side as well. Mom could not get her skis in her ski bindings after lunch. She’s been having this trouble the entire time I been here except for one day she got it. I did get sunburn on the tip of my nose. The only flesh I expose usually during the ski down even during sunny days and on the way up the lift. I do though got to get my boots changed or modified since my left ankle and shin keep being in pain for the entire day. Can’t be this way for Snowbird mountain on Monday! In total today myself and Mom skied 20,490 vertical feet. Sis did an extra run at the end of the day after both mom’s and my legs could not do anything more.

We are heading back to Deer Valley tomorrow, so I’ll have no idea what to post for tomorrow since I don’t think there will be anything to complain.. only rave. Till next time…

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