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Day 2 of Paradise

Posted by Shane

Today was the 2nd day of skiing at Deer Valley. Even though we only did a half day of skiing, I still clocked in 15,490 (Not Official) vertical feet. Today I started out by waking up super early only to find out that everyone else was exhausted. This helped me also a little bit as I was able to get some work done, help my ankle “heal” up a bit (More on this later), and rest me up for tomorrow’s trip to Snowbird Mountain.

Once we got the to mountain we gathered out skis and poles from the complementary ski storage area which was free of charge to all visitors. We then headed up to the Silverlake Lodge area. Mom and Sis went to take a few runs while I went to Cole Sports, the place where I rented my skis (Even though I got them from the Park City Resort Store) to figure out why my left ankle and shin were all messed up.

After they measured my feet, they realized I had one size too big of a boot. Do’h! That would for sure cause problems because I would have so much wiggle room for my feet to move. After getting re-booted and the skis were adjusted for the new boot, I headed back to the lifts and headed up to meet Mom and Sister awaiting for me.

Mom and Me on Bald Mountain

Mom and Me on Bald Mountain

Doing my first run of the day in the new size boots felt like a blessing. With Snowbird Mountain tomorrow, I will be able to turn and navigate correctly without having my shin hurting. Now I know how Lindsay Vonn felt before she won the Gold in the Downhill Event. So we skied lightly today, but doing close to 20,000 vertical feet is still a lot of skiing in 3.5 hours. We didn’t have to stop for lunch so it was pretty much a go up and down day. We stopped once on top of the Quincy Lift into the little hut (Heated and Running Water… Not really a “hut” per say) to chow down on some energy foods and a trip to the restrooms. That was all the major stopping we did today. Mom even got back into her skis once we were done. It was amazing!

Anyway, I leave this mountain today (We come back one more day on Tuesday) with still high marks on the mountains accessibility, lifts, runs, service, etc.

Being goofy on Flagstaff Mountain

Being goofy on Flagstaff Mountain

Tomorrow is Snowbird Mountain. This site has a special meaning to our family so I will enjoy it thoroughly.

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