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Today we went to Snowbird Mountain. The site of many things:

  1. Beautiful Landscapes
  2. Great Skiing
  3. No “Crowds”
  4. Massive

Today instead of taking the bus, we rented a SUV for the day to drive to the mountain. This was a new experience for me as I was the designated driver set forth when I was back in NY before I left on this little trip. Not new in driving, but driving in Utah and in ski cloths for most of the trip.

Back in NY…

*Ring* *Ring*

“Hi Shane. We need your driver’s license number.”


“Oh. We are renting a car instead of taking a taxi to Snowbird.”

“Oh. Why you need my license number?”

“Cause your driving.”


Besides the obvious that we drove, the skiing was pretty good. So back to the day..

We got picked up by Enterprise Rent-A-Car fairly early. They were a bit late as they forgot our address. Oh well. Nothing to bad. Packed up all the gear, headed back to the Enterprise office, switched the gear to our KIA SUV Rental, set the G.P.S., and headed out to Snowbird which was only 15 miles. It still took a good 40 minutes accounting for the fact that I also had no idea where we were and I was in a vehicle I was completely unfamiliar with. Arriving we parked at base of the mountain and changed fully into our ski gear.

First thing to do: Tickets, Sun Screen, and Tram Ride. Did I mention that there was no wind and perfect sunny skies again? 360 degrees of great view.

I like to remind people who visit this mountain “blue transverse” are really “black transverse”. This mountain is considered just like Aspen Mountain — Experts Only. There greens are really blue runs — one green here is even close to a double blue. (Click here for more videos from Snowbird.)

Snowbird Magic Carpet

On the Magic Carpet "Lift"

After getting to the top we found a family just like us that wanted to take pictures. So we took there’s and they took ours. Being new to this mountain myself, I had no idea what run to take. We took a nice easy/med blue to a lift that was really a “magic carpet” that brought us back to the back bowl of this mountain. Mom said we had to experience it for ourselves to really enjoy the trip. Let me tell you it was great. Skiing down to the bowl was fine.

After another ride up to the top from the bowl, we took another trip down looking for more steepness. Reason for this post title: The mountain even during the busy time does not feel like there is a lot of people. The mountain is huge so you hardly ever see any other people on this mountain.

On top of Snowbird Mountain

On top of Snowbird Mountain

Instead of staying in one section we visited all the sections to check it all out. This mountain’s black were just a little too much for this trip.  In the future if I get back to this mountain, I’ll do more blacks, but these blacks are only large bumps and it’s very steep. I would really need to be in great physical shape in my legs and upper body strength to be able to do this mountain correctly because one wrong turn you’ll end up with a large pin in your shoulder.

In any case the mountain was good. Very expert only mountain and something that I am, but just not enough time to explore the mountain in only one day of skiing. You need at least 2 days for full exploration and then you are set. There are not a lot of guides on this mountain since the land is in a National Forest. Today’s total in vertical feet was 14,756. Tired!

Tomorrow is our last day in Deer Valley. We are heading there early so we can do at least 25,000 vertical feet.

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