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Today was our last day in Deer Valley. *cries* This mountain was fabulous the 3 days I visited it. Since it was our last day in Deer Valley and we could do it, myself and my sister skied over 25,000 vertical feet (26,790 was the actual vertical feet). This is a little over 5 miles of skiing in one day. My legs hurt until I got in the hot tub back in the condo.

To do this we had to ditch mom after lunch to ski hard and fast to take the flagstaff mountain lifts up 8 times to go 25,000 vertical feet. We only got in 7 rides up before the lift closed so we ended up doing the ski school lift once to get the extra feet needed. While we were coming back down from the flagstaff peek, we caught up with mom who finished our journey.A lot more things happened other than the 25,000 vertical feet. Myself and my Sister even did the all important Nastar race to add to our collection of medals won over the year. This year at Deer Valley I did the Yellow side first at a dismal 24.56 — earning me nothing. Do’h! Next time down though I did the Green course which after watching someone up close was the faster course did it in 23.07 — earning myself a Bronze medal. Woohoo!

Video of My Bronze Medal Win (Delayed due to Technical Difficulties.)

When you’re a kid on the ski slopes you always hope to be in the number one chair in the lifts. So today was my first visit up the Lady Morgan peek via the Lady Morgan lift. As we are heading into the line, a gentleman in front of us dropped something. We had to stop for a second and grab his item. As he was not getting on the chair, we decided to go. We past chair number 60 — mom’s age — but took the next chair. This happened to be chair number 1! In some random act we got to be in chair number 1 on the last day at Deer Valley. It will never happen again. We even skied 5 of the 6 “ride-able” mountain peeks at Deer Valley. The 6th dinky Little Bald Mountain was nothing more than a glorified catwalk in which both mom and sis refused to go to again the last time they visited it.

After ditching mom, we learned that someone almost 10 year older than me tried to pick up my 60-year-old mom. He was looking for “Cougars”. Oh geez. This happens all the time. I swear.

Two more days of skiing of Park City and that’s it. I will be flying back to New York for a few days before I fly right back out to Minnesota for work. Until next time…

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