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Exhaustion and Fun Times

Posted by Shane

Being that we skied close to 5 miles the day before we weren’t that “mobile” in the morning. We were slow to get out of bed and to the kitchen to make our breakfast.

Our breakfast was the usual (And this is a complete breakfast for skiing as hard as we did) per person plate:

  • One Fried Organic Large Egg
  • Bagel w/ Cream Cheese or Toast w/ Butter
  • OJ and/or Water (1 Glass)
  • 6 pieces of Turkey Bacon (8 for me…)
  • 1 Half of Red Grapefruit or 1 Banana

We never had a grapefruit every morning. Who ever had OJ never had a grapefruit. In any case we didn’t get onto the bus to get to the Park City Mountain until 10:15am which meant a 10:45am arrival at the base.

Oh do the fun times begin once we arrived at the base. Back up to the previous night…. there has been two people in the Cole Sports and Ski Shop in Park City that helped out me, my mom, and my sister.

Vic, Mom, and Kyle

Vic, Mom, and Kyle with the Pies

Before mom and sister arrived in Utah they had already contacted Cole Sports and Ski Shop to get their skis picked out before they even arrived in Utah. Kyle and Vic of Cole Sports in the Park City store really helped out. Mom already knew Vic from visited Park City back in 2006. During out stay it happened to be Vic and Kyle’s birthday, so mom had decided to make them birthday pies. So last night we baked the two prepared — two homemade dough — apple pie’s for them. All the pies mom bakes has some sort of “writing” or “symbol” so with two pies she wrote there names on them. The “K” in Kyle’s name was the hardest according to mom. Imagine if Vic did change his name to “Vick”. Oh my. More problems than my mom needed. So after doing this little presentation we headed up the slopes.

Today was a weird day on the slopes. The weather kept changing from sunny to windy to windy with snow. To say the least it was going like this all morning on the slopes. By the time we got on the mountain in some places fresh powder of 4 inches was on the ground. Perfect for finding those hidden spots where you could get some fresh snow under your skis and ride the wave. But it also meant you could get some beautiful pictures of the areas around the lifts while going up the lifts.

Up the Pioneer Lift: Blue Slip Bowl Area

Up the Pioneer Lift: Blue Slip Bowl Area

Very pretty I might add. (Video will be linked later once my sister uploads it to YouTube.)

So the day ended pretty early for us around 3pm because I and my sister were both very tired from the day. Heading back to Cole Sports we found out the pie’s were not gone and that it was very good. I can speak to this very easily.

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