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On the last day of skiing in Park City, Utah was great. Though I am a day last posting this post, I was way tired after doing everything I had to do to travel back to NY. So let’s get right too it.

In yesterday’s skiing, myself and my sister did the power clinic in the 8:45am. I was chipper during the morning. My sister… not so much. So getting to the clinic in the morning I found out that I am going to have the same instructor as I did the last time. This was very cool. His name was Allan Woods. Originally the head of the ski school at the Stowe, VT Ski Resort. Did I mention that he is 78 years old?

Shane, Allan, and Sister

Shane, Allan, and Sister

In both of my classes, there was three people, however in this class we had a cool person. After our lesson we waited for mom to arrive tot he mountain as she didn’t want to get up that early.

By the time she arrived though, the snow started falling and the wind was starting to pick up. When we started it was just lightly snowing and the wind was slightly blowing, but a little bit after lunch we got the full brunt of this storm that was creating blizzard conditions and making it feel like -10 degrees on the mountain.

We were going down to another side of the slopes and on the run I was making a perfect left turn, however the wind blew just right and picked me up and put me down onto the run. Luckily I was alright. Sister saw it happen. This fall was not my fault. I was very confused when I got up, but I realized the wind picked me up and left me down.

After doing one section for a number of times because it was covered with tress and kept the wind level down, we finally realized that the weather was too much. We headed down the mountain the easy way, down a run called Homerun. Cheesy. I know. 😀 Yesterday’s total vertical feet was 22,584 vertical feet.

Stats. I love stats. In total vertical feet over my 10 days of skiing was 189,803 vertical feet. In other words:

  • 35.9475379 miles
  • 57.8519544 kilometers

The problem with skiing is that you don’t ski straight up and down. You turn in “S” curves to ski down so the actual amount of skiing is incalculable, unless your hooked up to a GPS system. On average over 10 days I did 18,980.3 vertical feet each day. Lots of skiing.

We ended our trip today by flying back to NY via Salt Lake City International Airport on a 10:15am flight. We arrived in JFK airport around 5pm.With Friday traffic heading back to the Hamptons it took a while to get back. I dropped my car off at the Subaru place before I left for it’s 90,000 miles check up. Everything was good! It was hot this evening being 40+ degrees after being in 10 to 20 degrees weather for over a week.

After dropping at my Best Buy store for a few goodies, I headed to Subway for dinner since I had like zero food in my apartment. I have some stuff just not a lot to make an interesting meal for such a short trip back as I now prepare to head for Minnesota. Utah was just the tip of the ice burg for the weather. This is the last of the Park City Posts!

Stay turned for the regularly scheduled posting starting tomorrow.

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