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In Minnesota, having fun!

Posted by Shane

As I been saying for the past two weeks, I got an internship with my job. Best Buy. Currently working out of the Best Buy Corporate Headquarters working on the Retail Web Development team. So far it has been a fun experience, and this is nothing like working at the store level.My typical day so far is that I been getting to work around 9am CST, breaking out for lunch about 2 hours later with the team and then around 5/6pm we are heading back to the hotel and then heading out to dinner and the fun activity for the evening.

I have met a lot of interesting people while I been up here so far including all the people I talked with over the company forums for the past year. The atmosphere here at the corporate headquarters is one of relaxation and tranquility. I have yet to find an area where people are “rushing” to get something done. The place is amazingly fun to work in.

After work we have visited a number of “famous” places in the area already. We went to a restaurant and pub called the Lion Tap where the make this great burgers in either double or single size. I got the double version of the bacon cheese burger. Last night we headed to the Mall of America with the entire team including our boss and supervisor where we when to Famous Dave’s and had a very good time.  Afterwords we all went to play at the mini-golf area inside the mall. On the last hole if you got a hole in one, you would get a free game — and you know what — I got a hole in one! Woohoo! (This mall is huge by the way.) 2 other people completed this feat so we could play a championship round or something.

That’s about it! Talk to you all later!

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Hi Shane,

I’m Jason from the ECC Social Media Team (We’re over in D6). We scan online for mentions of our brands, and I came across your blog. Congratulations on your internship – we’re glad you’re enjoying your time here!