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So I thought I give you all an update. I am still traveling back and forth between NY to MN for work, working on web design and other related Best Buy/Geek Squad issues. It has been frustrating to say the least to fly back every two weeks. I am meeting tons of new people while in Minnesota. Starting tomorrow I will be staying for an entire month, but I was allowed to have the entire week off from April 30 through May 10th. It just so happens that it falls during my birthday. I also have a wedding to attend to in Boston that week, so it works out perfectly.

Remember the monitor I ordered? After finding out from the local retailer that they did not like that I wanted to order 1 monitor (they never got back to me…), Best Buy Business Division (totally separate from the store level) did sell it. The wait was also unbearable since I wasn’t ordering in bulk, but it was worth the wait. It’s going to arrive tomorrow in my store. Where am I going to be? Minnesota! Do’h! Well.. I guess I will have fun using it during the week that I am here. If it has shipped one day earlier, I would have had it Friday. The model of the monitor is the Samsung P2770HD.

WordPress Version 3.01 is at Beta 1. Download, Use (On Production), and Report any errors. I pretty much have taken a back seat in active development, but I stay updated to what is going on.

Movie report. I seen How to train your Dragon in IMAX 3D. The IMAX theater that we went to was 6 stories tall. That’s as big as our building at Best Buy Corporate that I work in. The movie was very cute and funny and the IMAX was definitely the way to experience it. Stony Brooke IMAX… your so outdated. :p

Places been too so far in MN:

  • Fogo De Chao: Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Mall of America (Temped to go on some of the rides. :D)

That’s about it! I’ll try to post some updates while I am in MN! Be sure to follow me on twitter (@Bugs5382) as this is the way to follow my musings while I am up there.

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