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Professional WordPress

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Professional WordPress

Professional WordPress

So you all that read this blog have at least some use of WordPress right? Good. That’s a start. 😉 So I knew this book was coming out and I have met two of the three people behind it: Hal Stern, David Damstra (Have not met.. I do not think) and Brad Williams.

I have note gotten it yet, but going through the pages that you can read via it’s Amazon page, I am mentioned in the acknowledgment page in Brad’s Paragraph. I feel really honored to be mentioned.

This book goes through everything you need to know to use, setup, and customize WordPress to it’s full advantage. It does not mention WordPress 3.0 and it does differentiate WordPress and WordPress MU where it is now one fork.

For those trying to make a better WordPress site this book might be for you! It’s one of many out there, but this one from the quick read that I have gotten does a pretty good job of being very through. So new… old… need a reference? Go get it or the E-Book version on Wrox (Good for those people with the iPad).

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