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‘Kick Ass’ was Kick Ass

Posted by Shane

Tonight I ventured out to the Mall of America to see the movie kick ass, but let me take you through my entire day.

After going to the office for a few hours and the bookstore, my coworker and I went to a hair cut place called Sports Clips. Since it was my first time, I got upgraded to a free “MVP” package for my first cut at the normal rate. What’s the “MVP” service include?

  • Cut
  • Wash with Scalp Massage
  • Steamed Towl with Vibrating Chair
  • Nech and Upperback Massage.

All while watching.. sports. The game was the Chicago White Soxs vs. Cleveland Indians. Looks like the Indians won. Woohooo! Besides the fact, this place is great. They remember your cut style so you don’t have to repeat it each time. Something very useful that all hair cut places should do. They also give a free quick trim of back neck hair and sideburns once in between your visits. Something that I will do before I fly back to NY on the 30th.

After a quick nap at the hotel, I headed to the Mall of America for dinner and to see the movie ‘Kick Ass’. This being my first time to the Mall of America theaters I was blown away at the seating inside these jumbo theaters. Each seat almost fully reclined so you can relax while watching the movie. I even got “carded” because I was going into a rated R movie. I get told a lot that I look younger than 18.

The movie. Just super funny and freaking hilarious. I never laughed in movie so hard. I am usually not one to see a comedy, but this comedy-action film was filled with great humor and also a great story. I highly recommend seeing this movie in all formats. The movie’s rating though is a bit misleading. I believe someone as old at 14 or 16 could watch it, but they have to be pretty mature to be able to understand everything.

Rating: 10 out of 10!

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