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Tweeted for WordPress

Posted by Shane

You ever get tired of copying and pasting a twitter status update to just place it on your blog? Well.. in this case I do have a solution for you!

Introducing the Tweeted Plugin by WPVibe Team! This plugin with the status update from Twitter being wrapped around the shortcode “tweet” does just that!

An example right here:




The pluginĀ  — to save queries on the Twitter API — stores the data inside the post_meta table for future retrieval. So even if the tweet falls off the map you still have it. It automatically deletes from the post_meta if the post gets deleted.

There are a some hooks for theme authors or other plugin authors to hook into so that if you install this plugin and a theme has options for it, it may have hooks to automatically be styled without you having to worry about it!

Some features to be included down the road:

  1. Reply to Tweet
  2. Retweet

Directly on the output itself without having to go to Twitter or using another application to do so. You may visit the official Plugin page on WPVibe and Extend for more information. Please send all bug requests to the WPVibe page.

Enjoy this new Twitter/WordPress relationship plugin!

Plugin brought to you by: Myself (Shane), Dre Armeda, and Jonathan Dingman.

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