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I spent the past 30 days and nights in Minnesota working on my internship with Best Buy Corporate. Wow. I can tell you I had a great time over the past 30 days doing programing full time and hanging out with other programers who are as savy as myself. It’s not over yet! I am slated to be back in Minnesota after brief break from being away from NY for such a long time. I am going to be home for the next week catching up of being with people, celerbrating my birthday, and also heading to a wedding in Boston.

This experience as brought me to the top stress levels of doing programing full time and I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I thought I would get sitting at a computer and typing code for 8 hours of day. Over the past two months working, not only has my code syntax improved, but also speed up in typing code. Before doing code would take a me a while and now I can whip it out real fast and get the correct result 99.9% of the time. Since being there I have caught up on my Microsoft .NET and learned a whole new java script framework called ExtJS.

The 9 of us (now down to 8 because of a promotion at a co-worker’s store) have become really close friends and it’s nice meeting people all over this great company. Being at corporate I have met a lot of the corporate employees and field (district and store level) employees who come up to corporate for a variety of functions.

So I am home for a week and while I am not doing work here at home, I am going to try to get another WordPress plugin released (yay!) and update my blog which needs a serious code makeover with 3.0 coming out very soon! Be sure to follow my twitter feed and anything I post here to keep up to date with what I am doing and what is going on in my life. :)

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