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To put it mildly — I did not have a very fun computer evening. I started using my desktop again today for the first time in like weeks. The power went off due to them doing maintenance on the building. I am glad I was here. I set my computer to automatically turn back on after a power failure. This is so I can still access my videos, music, documents, and code from where ever I am.

so when the computer didn’t start back into Windows, began going through the simple diagnostics I know to do. So I went through disabling items from the start up services/programs alike. After a while I could not nail it down. I thought it was due to an Windows update.

I went into doing a restore point on my system to the restore point of April 4th. That’s when I started to realize something was going on with Avast!. Usually inside even safe mode, I would get some sort of warning that it was running or not running. So I ignored it and made sure that really was the problem. I got back into Normal mode and I say Avast was disabled. Only thing running from Avast! was the firewall. I tried started all the other services back up. Fail. So I went ahead and did a force remove of Avast! and tried to reinstall. That didn’t solve the problem.

So after watching a movie, I decided it was time to restart one more time to see if the problem corrected itself. Nope. After then going through the entire Avast! forums, it seems that the loading time of Avast! during Windows 7/Vista/XP startup it loads way before other required services are starting up.

avast! Settings Menu

If you are experiencing this same problem… all you have to do is this:

  1. Go into Windows Safe Mode — avast! will not start up.
  2. Load avast! — ignore all warnings that it can not be started in safe mode.
  3. Goto the ‘Settings’ menu in the upper right hand portion of the avast! screen.
  4. Select ‘Load avast! services only after loading other system services.’
  5. Click OK and Restart.

That should be it. Until the issues that cause avast! to freeze up in the first place during startup, I also suggest disabling the top two options as well as that will prevent avast! from trying to run when windows fires the ‘boot finished’ event.

Ok Mac Friends. Bring it on! I can’t wait for the jokes.

P.S. I really do want a Mac Book Pro i5. It would compliment my machines. The only draw back is that it still does not yet support Blu-Ray discs/movies.

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