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And not my wedding. :) I came up to Boston, MA today from NY a day before my best friend’s college wedding that is (as of this post) less than 24 hours away. So I came up early to see him before the wedding to catch up on a lot of things that I missed over the past 3 years of not seeing him. But the day started out like this…

Waking up at the crack of dawn in NY, I headed towards the Cross Island Ferry at 7am for a 9am boat. This was the fastest way to the Boston area without losing too much sleep to do a lot of things in the Boston area. I wasn’t planning on seeing Jon until later in the evening so I had time to visit a few places before hand.

Arriving at the Hotel in Brockton, MA at the Country Inn and Suites, I checked into my free upgraded room — to a suite — to get my stuff organized for tomorrow. I will have pictures posted later, but this suites is nice with a full couch, king bed, mini-kitchen, and full bath. Located right near the stairs to go down stairs in the morning, this room is perfect. Then it was time to head out for a day/night on the town of Boston, MA and the surrounded area’s.

My first stop was my college, Curry College, where I saw with my own eyes the various improvements to the grounds and the new student center which is the new focal point of the campus. The pictures of the new center do not do it justice because it is gorgeous. Do you have $4 million dollars? You can name the student center of your choosing if you so desire. I also found a number of my teachers on campus to say hi and talk with them for a while. I got to see everyone I wanted to see.

I then headed up to Winchester, MA to visit an old family friend to check out his new apartment and catch up on what has been going on in my life. I stayed to about 6:30pm and at that time Jon was already to head out for the evening. Heading to our usual hangout place for dinner in Dedham, MA — Tahiti — we ordered and sat there for about 2.5 maybe even 3 hours before heading out.

Jon then took me around the area to show me the new stuff that has been put up including where the old Dedham Movie theater used to be, showing me this elaborate shopping center. I did remember that before I left for VA back in Jan 07 that they were starting to ground up and remove the parking lot that once covered the area. Now I understand why it was happening. This place is just like is Park City, UT where everything is lined up including a Bowling alley. The only differences between the Park City, UT and Dedham, MA locations was that Dedham has a movie theater and above parking where in Park City, UT there is no movie theater and it’s all underground parking. Place is amazing! Something I will have to try out once I come back up here again!

Overall it was a great evening and it was so good to see Jon before the wedding because at the wedding he was going to be busy. Tomorrow though is going to be a busy day. First up is the “pre-wedding” event at the mini-golf course and then the wedding followed by the reception.

Till… err… later today… cya!

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