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Yesterday my best friend’s dream became a reality. He got hitched to the women of his dreams.

The days activities as noted from the previous entry started at mini-golf and then we all went to lunch a five guys. After that it was time for Jon to get ready for the wedding. I myself got comfortable sitting at Whole Foods doing some programing.

The real fun began at 3:45pm. Myself being the very prompt and on-time person to were ever I have an engagement, I headed to the church to where the Wedding mass was going to take place extra early so I can take up the sights.  Arriving at St. Mary’s Church, I realized I was the first one to arrive. So I took some pictures of the exterior of the church because the weather was perfect. No rain. No hot heat. Just warm with a little breeze. It could not have been a more perfect day.

St. Mary's

Close to 4:30, the guys and I was the planned meet up at the wedding to make sure we all got seats. When they all arrived, we still had plenty of time to do so because no one else had arrived yet. We hung outside until about 10 minutes before the wedding started. In doing so we saw the limo carrying Jon’s future wife, Trish, arrive. Once we saw the limo we waited the last possible second to go in before she got out herself.

There was a total of 64 people at the ceremony. Mass was about an hour plus ten minutes long. Me and the guys sat in a pew on the right hand side of the church, not in the last row, but the last row of where the last row in front of where the biggest parts of people were sitting. From our vantage point though we still had a great view of the ceremony. I was lucky myself to be sitting on the aisle. Watch Trish come down the aisle she looked wonderful.

Fast forward now to the reception.

After the wedding and the meeting of the new husband and wife outside the church, it was time to head to the reception area. Once finding my table, I grabbed a seat and met some of the other friends and family members. Realizing that myself and another guest were basically the only two friends of Jon from Curry to been bestowed to share the momentous and enjoyable night. After the food and other stuff, cut of the wedding cake, first dance, dance with the groom, etc., it was time to really get down and party.

Jon (Groom) and Myself, Photo by George Chin

Deep down I am a party maniac. And these are the situations that I love to dance in! Clubs are ok, but they don’t play the same style of music that wedding play. I had brought my loafers to wear because my dress shoes were too stiff to dance in all evening, so I was able to dance pretty much all night! And there are pictures! I know they exist, I just don’t have them right now!

At one point, contrary to  Jon’s wedding post about music selections, we were allowed to request line dance music. Woohoo! I did request 3 songs at the reception that I wanted to do myself other than the plentiful of music that was already going on.

  1. Cha Cha Slide
  2. Electric Slide
  3. James’s Brown Shout!

No one from the party wanted to do the Cha Cha with me, but the kids who were at the wedding were dancing all night and they followed my lead though out the entire song! There is video of this as well! Towards the end of the night Jame’s Brown Shout! was the featured song after the last dance. This got the whole crowed on the dance floor. I even pulled an National Lampoon Animal House going on to the floor!

It was a great night and I enjoyed being part of the special occasion!

May senior rector vos utriusque per vestri novus vita una!

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