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Iron Man 2, Wowzers!

Posted by Shane

FYI.. if you do not know what ‘Wowzers’ is… you need to watch some Inpector Gadet. In any case, the movie was great. It picked up right where the first one left off and it was a non-stop action pack and it also had a pretty good story line as well. The comdey value in this one was much better in this one than the last one, however so this movie already does good in my books.

The only thing I am disappointed in is that Terrance Howard was not War Machine. Studios gotta realize that people love seeing continuity in movies and not having the same actor or actress in their respective roles makes a huge difference. If you go see this movie, you must wait until after the credits. Just like the first one, there is something directly after the credits are over.

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