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My week in NY

Posted by Shane

I been in NY for a little over a week now and it’s going to come to a quick end tomorrow when I fly back to MN for work. (The time I have to be ready for my ride in the morning is at 4:20am tomorrow. ugh). In any case I have had a great time, and as you see from my posts this past week I was able to do a lot. But it seems as always, what I set out to do this week didn’t happen.

I really wasn’t able to work on WordPress 3.0, release a new plugin, and/or expand the media feature I wanted to implemented on my site. I did however enjoy the many pleasures of life celebrating my birthday with a friend in the city, go to my friend’s (not the same friend that went to the baseball game and Iron Man 2) wedding in Boston, and then also going to see Iron Man 2 with the same friend. However, the pros in this case ruled in the case because I was glad to spend time not worrying about anything for a little while.

Ending the weekend with even the Yankees taking two out of three at Fenway park (They are still playing tonight’s game, but they are losing big time tonight) is even a highlight of this week. So I end this note packing my bags and ready to head to bed. I have a 4am ride into the city for an 8am flight back to MSP.

Update: After dinner, I was surprised with an Angel Food Cake from Mom and Sis because they didn’t spend my birthday with me. I was very surprised to say the least. Sis was being a sleuth keep me from knowing she was looking for candles when I went to the basement to get laundry.

Angel Food Cake

NY… see ya on May 28th!

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