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The view from above

Posted by Shane

And I am not talking about Haven! But from my plane that was about to land in Minnesota. The landing was a bit bumpy (no problems as some of you might be thinking), but I captured these cool shots of the airport and of Best Buy Corporate HQ from the sky. Airport is the most visible of them all.

MSP Airport at 14,000 Feet

Yep. You guessed it. This is the airport. Now if you look at the bigger picture you will see a white building that has the “target” symbol on it in the upper part on the left hand side of the airport grounds. Not sure what type of building it is, however our plane came in from that side landing on that runway going up to down (in this photo) directly inline with the little lake in the upper portion of the airport. When landing I witnessed another plane taking off on the right way running “diagonal” to our runway that is on the left hand (of this photo side) of the runway we landed on.

Best Buy HQ - Battleship Looking Buildings

Best Buy is located directly in the middle of this picture. If you look at the buildings that seem like 4 battleships, that is where I am! The building would be the 2nd from the far right building. Altitude is still close to 14,000 feet because we had just past the airport that would be to the right of Best Buy.

All shot on cell phone (without the phone part on).

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