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A Year Long Semi-Sabbatical

Posted by Shane

Since last November, I been wanting to accomplish my goals in life and I tried to do it while maintaining my responsibilities to the online community in which I adore being part of. With that said though it’s been 7 months since then and I am no where close to accomplishing my goals due to the fact my current job had a wacky work schedule, which has now pretty much normalized since I been up here in Minnesota, but still very crazy indeed. There are sacrifices I need to make in order for the goals to happen.

I can say right off the bat that I am not leaving the WordPress Core Contributor Group, I am just making adjustments to my other commitments that are the real slow downs in my goals.

Leaving for Good

As most of you didn’t already know, as of this post, I am now officially leaving the SourceMod/HL2 community. I haven’t coded and/or helped out in the forums nor provided updates to some of my more popular plugin in over 2 years of them first being released and with most of my time now away from the computer that can power the game, it’s pointless to continue to be part of this community.

Though I have tried to maintain my gaming clan and online gaming community playing, I am leaving my lifelong gaming clan ]CkB[ and gaming community CnB. I started playing with ]CkB[ when Tribes 2 was at it’s peak becoming also a major programmer in that community as well, fixing and testing out other plugins people released as well. And because of my travel’s to Minnesota leave me away from my desktop which can play the games, there is no point in being part of the gaming community that will be ending in the next few months anyway.

I think by now the Woopra community has known that I been very busy in Minnesota, but it’s time to make it official that I can no longer maintain the Woopra plugin I was tasked to take because of my deep knowledge of the WordPress code. Due to other circumstances, I can not even work on the plugin without major issues conflicting with my current job and that is something I can not ruin. John and Elie – Thanks for the opportunity to work on such a fabulous project from basically the ground up!

Minor “quit” (I did this one years ago in their forums) — I am leaving the vBulletin development group as well.

Limited Work

Now as I said, I still plan on being part of the WordPress core development group, but in terms of other WordPress related projects, designs, plugins, etc. I am no longer going to take on any more new jobs or work for companies and/or individuals that are not part of the WordPress core development group. I have one more plugin on the verge of completion and Tweeted which will I will still maintain however because of their popularity within the WordPress community.

No Change

FrakMedia! Productions is a bit different in terms of my responsibility and for that, it doesn’t fall under the same norms as everything else. I will still be a very active person developing and maintaining the FrakMedia! Productions sites and servers that the community (a very large one) depends on. So… no question there.

Since my life goals are something that I can not talk about in a public forum, I just ask that you appreciate all my hard work that I have contributed over the years to the different groups that I belonged to. This was very hard to post. I can not continue down the course of action if I want to accomplish my goals.

I still have active projects going on here on this site.. flash header.. which might change into a HTML5/CSS3 header once I convert some very important code into javascript/jQuery, but other than that I won’t be doing much. I will still be actively blogging, I just not taking on any more projects ever again.

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