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I am moving out of my apartment in NY for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I am not here as much now with my internship with Best Buy in Minnesota. So why pay for an apartment when I am never here? Anyway while I was going through things to move out (minus clothes which they are all now packed in the car) I realized I had collected a lot of odd computer equipment over the years and today I went through it all and sorted what I wanted to keep and what was to throw away. This doesn’t count the stuff that I know is already at mom’s that I am already keeping.

The criteria for keeping it has to follow certain guidelines:

  • Could it contain private information?
  • Does this serve a purpose with the current technology trend?
  • Is it working in a state that I would use it on a daily basis?

If any one of these questions were answered ‘yes’, then I kept it. If not… well… it saw the dump.

Here are some interesting things that I found that were thrown away:

  1. 2 IBM ThinkPad A20p Laptops
  2. 1 IBM ThinkPad R51 Laptop
  3. 1 Dell Dimension Laptop
  4. 3 Broken Alarm Clocks
  5. 1 Motherboard (Abit IT7-Max2) with P4 1.16ghz CPU (No RAM or Heatsink)
  6. 2 80mm Case Fans
  7. At least 100+ feet worth of Coax cable. (Don’t ask. :))
  8. EVGA 7600 GTS
  9. ASUS v9950 Ultra (I remember I got this right after UVLAN 5)
  10. 3.25″ drive cover for current desktop rig (Who uses floppy disks anymore?)
  11. 2 Netgear Routers

Things that I did fine, but I need to keep them as they still have a use:

Curry Spring Dance 2005: Jon & Tricia and Lauren & Me

Curry Spring Dance 2005: Jon & Tricia and Lauren & Me

  1. Old Sound blaster 4.1 Speaker System (It was still wrapped up in the plastic bags from when I came up from VA. I still only have two speakers from the 7.1 Creative system I got with the new rig.)
  2. Police/Fire Scanner
  3. Sirius Radio System (Won it was a door prize at the Superbowl Party for Fairfax County Police and Fire)
  4. Picture’s from Curry College 2005 Spring Dance
  5. My old LG Cell Phone (2 phones ago. Still works!)
  6. My old LG Evny Cell Phone (1 phones ago. Still works!)

That’s about it. Everything else that I sorted through between DVDs, papers, and pictures these are just some of the funny things I found I still had. In total I had about 2 large boxes of trash of computer equipment which was a huge portion of the junk in my closet that I traveled with from MA to VA and then back to NY. There were some things that were just so odd and unique though that I couldn’t throw away, but that was to be expected. In any case, later this morning (since this is being posted just after 12) I will be able to pack it all up and bring it back home. I did a quick assessment from looking on how many boxes it will be, and I will just have enough room in my car to bring everything back with my clothes being in there already.

My movie collection, furniture, bed (with sheets), kitchen equipment, and bathroom (with towels) will all that will be left. If I come back to stay here for a night or two I will be sure to have to pack a travel suitcase.

More posts coming soon! I promise!

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