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My Project is Done!

Posted by Shane

Wow. It’s been a loooong time since I posted here. History lesson for all you readers of my site.

You would have to go back all the way to this post titled, ‘Job Promotion.. sorta‘ on February 10th, 2010 to know that I been working at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters for the past 6 months (Has it really been that long?) working with the Retail Web Development team. It’s been more than the predicted 3 to 4 months up here, and it looks pretty “permanent” for the time being as the group that we have here is a pretty solid group working together.

While I can not go into detail what I worked onto the general public, I like to go over some interesting numbers during my 6 months. For flying back and forth between MN and NY plus a side trip to STL (up to today) I have done 13 flight segments for a total of 12,730 miles since March 8, 2010. With the hotel that I been saying at I have earned a total of (as of today) 116,208 points. That does not include the 60,000 I used on a free room in NYC for September 11 and 10,000 points I used in Boston, MA for the Wedding I went to in May. So if we add those up 186,208 points total. I have passed 1,000 tweets since I been up here and more than the same with Facebook updates since I do it to both places (Tweet Deck for the win!). I know I spent a good 500 hours using the internet in the hotel to either play games or talk to loved ones and friends online.

My Cube Space: B4-417

My Cube Space: B4-417

So a lot of time an effort has been put into this project. At this stage the project is only at Beta. The team that will be using the site still has to test it out and all the (hopefully minor) bugs will be found over the next two weeks before it goes into a semi-live production state. But now I can start working on other projects.

I have learned also a new framework while up here, called ExtJS. Extremely useful framework that was part of the project.

While there are lots of people that I would love to point out that have helped me out emotionally and physically over these past 6 months while working on this extremely large project, I only like to point out a few due to the fact these people were the real support to my state. Without their support (texting, emailing, IM, Skype, twitter, facebook, and face-to-face, and phone calls) I would have probably have a breakdown and had to leave MN a long time ago.

  • Mom
  • Sister
  • Joe Beaudoin Jr. (From FrakMedia!)
  • Jon (From FrakMedia!)
  • Rick P.
  • Anonymous

You all made this project keep going. I thank you much!

But wait… I am not done! My cube is not really it’s a cube. It’s a half cube that I share with my cube mate from STL. We do have an official location within the building that we are in, numbered and everything, but I created my own sign to hang up. On the shelf I have a mascot being hanged by a ribbon string. Some fun things to play and get distracted with during those frustrating times. Books on AJAX and MySQL. Who needs books on PHP when you got My personal laptop is all the way over to the left. Always playing either music or videos while working and the ambiguities Facebook and Twitter feeds via TweetDeck. Monitor hooked up to the corp laptop with is to the right of the screen. The “+” yellow thing is a fun toy that is kinda like a boomerang. I’ll throw it to the cube behind me but it will come right back. The piece of paper that is hanging behind my personal laptop is just the alphabet so I can easily look at it to figure out where to place functions in alpha sort without having Netbeans do the work for me. Saves me a step!

So for next time I post, which I hope will be sooner rather than later, i’ll see ya then! :)

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Hey man, congrats! Nice post! Only one thing to point out, Juju is missing from the list of people who have supported you man. Keep writing man. It’s good therapy dude. See ya soon!