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City In Pink

Posted by Shane

Yesterday myself, mom, and my sister went into the city for NYC breast cancer awareness for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that I will be attending this Sunday the 12th with my mom running in it as a survivor for over 17 years now this coming November.

The day started out good by me heading to my orthodontist to repair my broken bottom retainer bond. That took all of five minutes for the procedure to be completed, but they also checked all the other bonds to make sure they were not loose as well. So 15 minutes after my appointment started, it ended and I walked up to met up mom and sister who made it all the way to 86th between 3rd and Lex. I was on 62nd and Park, but it was a very nice day and the walk was fine. No problems. :)

While they were “shopping” I got a message from an old friend from High School who lives and works in the city, Kobi. Kobi wanted to see if I could come by and I said sure since I wasn’t really doing anything at the current moment while we awaited our reservations for dinner. I headed to Kobi’s work place which is ABC Studios on 66th and Columbus. Fun for me since I had to get from the East Side to the West Side. I did a “big” U on the subway system wrapping around central park. 10 minutes later I arrived and got a tour of the studios.

Kobi is part of the “Millionaire” team (a.k.a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”) and he gave me a tour of the set and the studio operations center. The set was very different in real life than it is in the show. Without the lights that make the show look the way it is or even without the audience members it seems very stale like most sound stages do.


Millionaire Set

This is the main view that we mostly see on TV, but we are so accustomed to seeing it with lights on that with the lights off it seems pretty bland. The floor is pretty cool indeed. Next I took a seat in the seat that the show’s host, Meredith Vieira, sits in during the show. Way cool!

Meredith Vieira Chair on the Millionaire Game Show

We then procdeded deeper into the studios to where they had all the control rooms and passed a very torn down control room. This control room that was torn down is the old control room where they controled the feed for the Nixon and Kennedy Debate back in October 1960 on ABC.

Control room used during the 1960 Debate

This was a huge treasure to see since I am way into this history. After heading through the entire studios, myself and Kobi headed to his apartment which was a few blocks away to relax while I was waiting for mom and sister to finsh off their shopping they were doing on the east side.

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