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Another year of baseball is done, but postseason baseball is here and again my team, the Yankees, have made it to the playoffs. So lets get the predictions out of the way quickly.

2010 Baseball Postseason Predictions

2010 Baseball Postseason Predictions


  • NYY vs. MIN – NYY in 4 – While I been watching the Yankees for a long time now, they have been playing like crap in the last month of September, the Yankees playing the Twins in the first round (as the division winners or the wild card) will still dominate the Twins. Why not in three games? Just because of the lack of confidence I have in our 3rd started of Hughes. I am not sure he is able to handle post season play. I lost a bet in September about the Yankees not winning the division, so I will be wearing a Twins hat and T-shirt during the first game with CC pitching.
  • TEX vs. TB – TEX in 5 – This series is a real toss up but I think Texas has the better long game vs. TB short game of running. Texas was only 26th in throwing out runners, but Texas has a more left hand pitchers to keep the runners close and with TB doing a lot of running, you can expect lots of mix throws to first or second base. You just hope that no balks are committed to move runners along the base path.


  • CIN vs. PHI – PHI in 3 – Phillis are just dominant. I expect the same in the first round sweeping CIN. When was the last time we talked about the CIN Reds making the playoffs? It’s like the Cubs. Almost never.
  • ATL vs. SF Giants – ATLĀ  in 4 – While the SF Giants pulled off an upset this year with knocking the SAN Padres out (more on this later) who were up 10+ games at one point on every team in the NL west, the SF Giants do not have the consistency of ATL or the playoff experience that ATL Bobby Cox does.


  • NYY vs. TEX – NYY in 5 – Since the Yankees get three games at home for games 3, 4, and 5 the presence of being home is going to help the Yankees during this stretch best of seven games. NYY has clearly a better running team and in terms of hitting, TEX stadium has close to the same dimensions of Yankee Stadium.


  • ATL vs. PHI – PHI in 5 – Atlanta has post-season experience and getting to the world series, and Philadelphia was in the World Series last year having that experience fresh in the recent players is going to be a big help for them getting them there last year.


  • NYY vs. PHI – NYY in 6 – A repeat of last years WORLD SERIES, but this year PHI has a much better pitching staff loading with three lefties. However, during the inter-league play NYY still dominated PHI over the series, but it will take most of the games for NYY to work through the lefties. NYY will have to pitch CC at least twice in order for the Yankees to have two wins under their belt.

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