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I failed this year.¬† (If you want to recap my predictions go to them now.) So lets get right on it because it’s not going to change a thing.


  • NYY vs. MIN – I gave MIN a fighting chance with one win, since the Yanks were playing so badly at the end of the season. I just guess the Twins¬† (a.k.a. Twinkies) just can not beat NYY. I think MIN would have rather had NYY be the crown of the AL East to get whipped out my TEX in the first round, but how much longer could they have survived?
  • TB vs. TEX – Texas did win in 5 games. These games were a slug fest.


  • CIN vs. PHI – PHI did win in three. No surprise there.
  • SF vs. ATL – ATL had some problems. With the injury to their closer, Wagner, it was all just down hill. Cox, great seeing you around in NY! Good luck!


  • NYY vs. TEX – While we did win two games, we were out scored, out-slugged, and out-ran on the base paths. We never should have gone to six games.
  • SF vs. PHI – While I thought PHI had a edge, the SF Giants pulled off an amazing upset with a team that pitched a No-Hitter on the first day of the NLDS series vs. CIN — In Doc Holiday we Trust.

For the World Series now I am liking that it’s TEX (first WS appearance ever) and SF first appearance in a long time. Who has the better edge? TEX has hitting, SF has pitching and running. It will come down to 5 games. I don’t see it ever getting close to 6 or 7 in SF favor.

Great baseball season!

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