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I started my return trip back to NY Thursday morning in St. Paul, MN. For my return trip back home I decided to go “non-traditional” in my travel plans opting for the more scenic route. I started this leg back in NY in the start of the month flying back to MN for my last 3.5 weeks in MN. But for the ride back I wanted to go the good ol’ scenic route taking in the sights. Here I come Amtrak! And as you might have guess… I am back home in NY for a while.

I started my trip Thursday morning getting down to the hotel lobby pretty early for one of my co-workers to take me to the train station. En route to the lobby, one of my suitcases decided to break it’s zipper. Doh! I taped it up with postal service tape secure the contents from ever falling out. Lets just say this suitcase has been retired. It’s been used for over 10 years traveling between NY, MA, and VA. The zipper finally went after lingering on for years.

When we got to the station this morning way before the opening of the lobby something was very odd. There was no train in the station. I was thinking since it was a “hub” the first AM train out of the station would be there already. Turns out the train that was ours was in an accident in North Dakota. A oil tanker truck decided to play chicken with the train and lost. In any case the train was very delayed and there was a lot of people heading to Chicago. So what do you do? Amtrak charters a bus from Minneapolis to Chicago. While on the bus I did a lot of reading of a book I been meaning to read for a while (I should be done with both books in the series by the time I get home, maybe) so it was great to get all that done and take in the sights of the Midwest up close and personal. Since the bus was the same amount of time vs. the train the bus got to Chicago with 30 minutes to spare to the train station where I began the next leg of the train trip.

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