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(Yeah… so I havn’t posted in a while. Deal. :))

Today I took the plunge and got a new phone. I ditched my Blackberry Storm 1. That’s right. I had the original phone for over two years and the only major issue I ever had with the phone was up until recently I could not “unlock” the phone so I had to use the “bedtime mode” for the lock. Very annoying.

Going through the phones for the past 2 weeks, I decided it was time to upgrade and get the DroidX and “get with the times” sorta speak. So far I am pretty impressed, but I am still setting it up like I would like it. I should be up in running fully again within the hour after I add some applications I had on the blackberry and get my “home screens” configured. However, I must delete the bloatware that is installed because nothing pisses me more off than the bloatware.

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