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A Year In Review, 2010

Posted by Shane

It’s been 365 days. It’s been filled with twists, highs, lows, and even surprises to say the least. I’m going to let you know how my year went so just sit back and relax.

the year started out like any other. Just doing primary three things: Sleep, Work, and Eat.

On the occasion I had a day where I would be myself and that was when I went to my first WordPress Meetup in NYC with Steve. That was also the date I had my first girlfriend in a long time. A relationship that didn’t last very long due to the fact I lived in Eastern LI and she lived in Mid-North NJ which was a 3-hour trip one way. I had ended it (or she would say she did) around the end of February time.

Around that time as well, I had gotten word that I was accepted into a programing internship at Best Buy HQ in Minnesota. As we all know, that last from March to November this year with it looking like I am going back at the start of January again. This hasn’t been finalized due to the fact I am looking into going back to graduate school here in NY. I also gotta see how long I will be up there because I gotta be smart about this.

Around going up to the HQ I did meet another girl in who I maintained a very tight and very distant relationship because of my travels to Minnesota, but we continued talking until September when it finial ended. I did end up seeing her for an entire week during May and May 8th was the last time I saw her in person. Once it became November, I had already moved out of my apartment in Manorville, I continued my work at my store during this crazy holiday season.

So as you can see, my year has been ups and downs mixed in with the evolution of the year. To handle this much change, I am ready for what ever 2011 bring my way. If I had to do it over again, there is not a lot I would change, but overall no… it’s better for what it is because you only learn from your highs and lows to become a better person in life.

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