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Been Gaming

Posted by Shane

While I been back from Minnesota, I have played as many games as I could because my laptop doesn’t have the power to run the high-end games that I been wanting to play or finish, but if and when I return to Minnesota I will have a few games that I can play on my laptop while I am traveling about the country working.By visiting my Steam Profile you can see the games I am currently playing or even add my to your ‘friends list’. Usually I don’t except everyone, but you can try if you like. However for all the games I play, I seem to mix my playing time with Real-time strategy (RTS) and First-person shooter games (FPS) the most. Games that I consider Silly usually fill the void in between the two types or if I can’t really afford the time to play these games because of a time constraint. My games list is very odd to say the least:

  1. Counter-Strike Source – 149 hours
  2. Magic The Gathering – 53 hours
  3. Empire: Total War – 39 hours

These are the top three that I played since they started tracking game usage. The game that I used to play a lot of here was Team Fortress 2, but since it doesn’t run well on my laptop, I can not play it and there been so many updates since I last played, I really gotta re-learn the basics of the game. It doesn’t even show the stats where I played over 105 hours alone of just the class ‘Spy’. Oh well. Counter-Strike Source is nice, but the game is very repetitive and the “realistic” of the game has been lost. Some people would say “Hey. Play Call of Duty (COD4) to get some real action.”. I say “No one ever plays as a team in those games. It’s everyone for themselfs”. If Counter Strike Source was to ever update to where it could be like COD4 (in terms of graphics and game play) but matain the “fun” that Counter Strike has, that would be something to play.

Counter-Strike Source and Magic the Gathering play well on my laptop and that’s why they are up there because I played those games while I was in Minnesota, but more of the RTS games I played while I been here in NY. In the past two months I played:

  1. R.U.S.E.
  2. Civilization V
  3. Sim City 4

All RTS games. Go figure. Any games that you may want to get me that is on my wish-list would be much appreciated. I would use this list instead of buying some random game and sending it my way. I may never play it. *cough* Spore *cough* :)

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