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229 Days Ago…

Posted by Shane

I started my journey back in NY after being in MN for over a year. I came back to NY with a goal. To take, pass, and become a certified Cisco Engineer. Today I can say only one thing…

CCNA Results: 867 of 825 needed!

IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took the exam today in Queens after 6 months work of taking the Cisco Networking Academy course at Queen College receiving an average grade of A in all four semesters of the class work, lab work, and exams. As you can tell, I am very excited and was also very busy to get to this point.

I told myself I could not get distracted and that’s why I been so absent from the WordPress community for such a long time, but now that I got my CCNA, you might start seeing some changes to this site and my activity level once again, however I have taken up to become an EMT-B in New York State and also start my CCNP on the 1st of October. So things are not really quiet here at the rabbit hole.

I like to thank a few people:

  • Mom and Sister – They had to deal without me when I was doing all my lab work and/or exams.
  • Jake Lehmann – Helped me when ever I asked, but it wasn’t that much.
  • Co-Workers – They helped me traded days off for important study dates and deal with my non-standard schedule at work.

So what happens now? Well… there is always the possibility of finding a better paying job. Having your CCNA is a huge resume builder and being since I want to be working in the networking field this for sure helps.

In any case, from the WordPress/Programing side of my life I can now open up a bit and let loose the code that has building inside me. Although I can’t go back to my “playful” side, I have to work on achieving my dreams however many paths that must come before me in order to get there.

Here is to the future…

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