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Steel Metallic goes Green

Posted by Shane

So it’s been about two months since I posted here that I was leaving Best Buy, and I have left for a job as a full time Network Engineer. I am having a blast, but I been operating like it’s 2001 with my old Subaru forester that I had since May/June 2000. This car was a graduation present from High School. So it was time for a major upgrade it being 2011. Since I had never made a huge purchase like buying a new car, it’s been a fun experience and I like to share it with you.

My now previous car, a 2001 Subaru Forester S Model, dark blue with grey leather had over 115,000 miles on the car. That is a lot of miles. It’s had a home in MA, VA, and NY with the furthest distance south in Central VA in Richmond Area and as north as Rochester, NY. East is Boston, MA and west… really Rochester again. So it has gotten around in the North East Corridor.

0 Miles vs. 116,000 Miles // Age 18 vs. Age 29

Besides the obvious age of the car, the car was mechanically sound after like two axle replacements, at least 6 brake and rotors combo replacements, head gaskets, air fuel sensor, and etc. This list could go on for two pages. I had hit a deer right before I got home once which busted up the front and the driver side headlight (the deer walked away). And some “unknown” accident when my sister was using the car after she got into an accident with mom’s car. It was getting expensive to keep patching up such an old car that could have just died while driving back, going to work, or die in a Nor’easter snow storm. Well… it’s not going to happen.

Introducing… Steel.

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid (aka Steel)

Steel - Introduction in Heavy Metal

Like all my crazy names for all my devices, this is named after the Super Hero Steel from the Superman Animated Series.

Since I am a techno geek, this car is fully loaded. It is the Hybrid Limited 501A package. The added features that I got were:

  • In-dash Navigation System (Touch Display)
  • Remote Starter
  • Side Step Rails
  • Park Assist
  • 4WD

A pretty sick machine of metal. It was a very hard car to find available to get since production for this car stopped in October. I could not wait any longer for a new car.

The only place I could find the car was in Fairfax, VA. Didn’t I used to live there? Oh yeah. So I took a little road trip for the last time because I was doing a trade in with my Subaru. After the 4 hour drive to VA plus 5 hour day at the dealership, the car was mine and I was ecstatic to leave behind 115,000 miles of history and start a new one.

Parting Ways....

Until I get the title papers from the dealership I can not use my car for EMS runs, but I have my sister’s car as a backup. Until next time…

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