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1157 Days Later….

Posted by Shane

Wow. It seems like for a long time I been posting nothing other than posts saying how long ago I post. Hopefully, this will be the last one of those for a long time. Lets see if I can give a summary of what I been doing these past 1157 days because if I went over everything that I did from the last time I posted… in detail… I might get things wrong. But here it goes!

  • Held 4 different Full Time jobs starting from Hauppauge, New York to all the way to New York City, New York.
  • Put on close to 70,000 miles on my car that I posted on December 11, 2011.
  • Moved from the East End of Long Island to Brooklyn, New York.
  • Renewed my CCNA, Received the CCNP-Route certification, and received the VMware VCP5 Data Center certification.
  • No longer an EMT-B. I am about to expire and I did not wish to renew – after two years of running calls – I pretty much dropped it to work and live in the City.
  • And became an Uncle

Have I wowed you yet? I hope so.

So I’m back and hopefully for good. When I did shut my site down for personal reasons after  Hurricane Super Storm Sandy it was real stupid of me to do so. Hopefully the audience that I once had comes back and expects great things to come. Being away for so many years on the blogging sphere, not only did it allow me to grow in terms of my technical skills, but also as a human being — more insights to the human mind and psyche. The hope is to gain new followers once I start posting more content in related topics of networking, systems admin, etc., new york city life, my personal life, many subjects that have yet to be explored on this blog, and re-hashing old posts that I now have a better understanding of than I did back then.

One thing that you will notice right away, if you didn’t already is that I re-did the site theme completely. The old theme design was built using version 3.x.x of WordPress. It needed an overhaul and I gave it a complete makeover all the way down to the HTML5 and CSS3 — No more flash and now mobile capable. The code running this theme is a lot more functional with the WordPress code evolving and just me learning new coding techniques. I did however, lose all my uploads/attachments/media *sad* and I did think about starting new with none of my old content, but that would have been a drag and I do have a lot of content that I like to revisit at one point and see how I can do it better today. If someone there is an old copy of all my attachments, I will somehow figure out how to integrate it all back in — I became a MySQL expert over the years.

If you are reading this, thanks for visiting, and please excuse the saw dust on the site. While there are still some sections of the theme not complete, I felt it was at a stage that you wouldn’t care of the sidebar or that searching does not exist yet. I now keep my code off SVN and moved on to a GIT repo which works much better after all these years. (Maybe my first new post on how the developed progressed over the course of 3 weeks which is a rapid development for a total refresh!)

But for now, relax, take off your shoes, and enjoy this site once more.

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