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Site Officially “1.0.0”

Posted by Shane

It only took a day or so to mark my theme tagged version 1.0.0. I know this might seem odd since I did have old designs before, but I didn’t want any of the old design to be part of the Git repo. Now to work on my header where (if you remember) it was animated (review posts here). This time the header will not be in flash and I will use CSS3 Animation and the other various tools to get the same effects.

Not part of this version:

  • Comments
  • Article’s Section
  • Contact and About Section cleared out — Will be redone.

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Commenting is now closed

Well. Instead of posting a new blog post, the ability to post a comment, view comments, has been re-added into the theme. Welcome travelers. I will decided at a later time to open up commenting for anonymous users.