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The Header

Posted by Shane

So with the new found technologies of CSS3 gradients, etc. and the re-launch of this site, I been working on converting my header that was originally flash to CSS3/Javascript/jQuery. This way the header (if you remember) that is based on your location (if you shared that information) changes to the right “time of day” and will for every second change (as time does) based on the actual timer periods of your location.

While my testing has been all local, I can tell you that the code is very mature at this point, but it hasn’t been an easy task taking ActionScript code that was already pretty complex and make it work in Javascript/CSS3.

At this point the code goes through the 8 “time periods” with 8 different gradient schemes and percentage coverage while doing the correct hex calculation as it sequences in time. The time period between finding your latitude and longitude is using HTML5 geolocation code, which takes some time to find right now. I plan on placing this information in a cookie so as you browse the site it will update with the correct time periods faster for subsequent page views and visits.

The first release will be hopefully next week. This will not include the sun and moon phases rising just yet, but the code is already been programed in and ready to be used. Come to think of it, the ground (grass cover) will have to also change since at night time it should be pretty much dark as well, but not dark enough where you can’t see it.  I’ll have to think about this one!  This is a very exciting time for me and I hope you come back often to see the crown jewel of my site very soon!

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