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MacGyver: Operational

Posted by Shane


So I found an extra present inside my mail box, to today I headed to the store to get the HP DV6-2088DX that was on clearance. This was a total steal. This laptop was a Black Friday special at Best Buy back during Thanksgiving.

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • 500GB HDD
  • 8GB DDR2 RAM
  • 16′ Screen

So it was well worth it for $450. So like what I do with all my computers (and I am sure you do as well…) I name them all. This one name is called ‘MacGyver’ because MacGyver fixes just about everything around and I seem to do that as well.

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

  • Sarah Palin: Going Rogue
  • Samsung P2770HD Monitor

Yes. Another book from the GOP side. The last book I got was Scott Mckellen tell-all book about the Bush Administration. That book I thoroughly enjoyed and this one I will enjoy just as much! I know it’s very weird for me a Democrat that I am, reading a book by a GOP, however it find these more fascinating than any of the Democrats books.

Also getting that monitor this time around. I did find a local place that carries it, however, they usually do huge orders so I might have to recall Samsung sales to see if anyone else has it.


Arkham Asylum Sequel

Posted by Shane

It never ceases to amaze me when I am right. When I think the movie/game is extremely good there is a good change of a squeal even before it’s announced.

It looks like this time we are moving outside the Arkham and onto the streets of Gotham. If we remember the last bits of Arkham Asylum we get reports that Harvey “Two Face” Dent is on the loose.

No one in the game really dies so all the trailers that you might see relating to this sequel can be the truth. How many times did the Joker or the other villains escape Arkham in the TV series? Plenty.

List of villains that I think that will show up:

  1. Black Mask
  2. Harvey “Two Face” Dent
  3. Joker
  4. Harley
  5. Mad Hatter
  6. Catwomen
  7. Ridder (This time for real.)

We could see Robin, Oracle, Nightwing, and/or Alfred as well. We still might have cameo’s from other villains and this is what makes Batman games so great. :)

Source: Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel to Exit Arkham – PC World.


You have read that correctly. My Windows 7/Application hard drive died when I came back from work. After being able to backup the folders needed before I could not boot into Windows 7 again without damaging the drive permanently, I rushed to my local store… where I work… got a 1TB WD HDD for replacement and raced back here to get the story out that I will be offline just for a bit as I reinstall everything this evening.

I had three 500GB WD drives, but only one was used more than the other because of the storage of Windows and most of my game data files so I don’t see any failure any time soon on the other drives, but I will make sure I keep a good eye and backup often. Most of the data is stored externally for programing, but some of the design files are stored locally. As I tell everyone, no one, no matter how good you are, your hard drive will crash at one point.

Updates as they happen!

11:07pm Update: I was able to hook up my old HDD and get the information that I needed. Including my application installs so I don’t have to look for them all again, documents, mail, and bookmarks. This is good news. Always backup! Never forget!

11:51pm Update: I am starting the long process of reinstalling everything.

2:11am Update: Everything is all done. A few more applications to install: WinRAR and the Adobe Suite CS4.