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I have always been interested by flash, yet I never dove into doing it. And of course this this blog design that I have, this design would benefit from a flash header. So this series is going to be two things. Me learning flash, and designing the header. I am going to have bits of code posted on what I figure out while working on the design.

So I have many requirements for my flash header for me to have it. A sample list of these things are below for the header background portion.

  • Action Script 3.0
  • Header “Background” must at real time change colors based on the time of day of the zip code I provide. Total Dark, Dawn, Sunrise, Daytime (Including High Noon), Sunset, and Dusk are the periods in which I must show.
  • The Sun and Moon must “rise” and “set”. With the moon showing the correct phase that it’s currently at based on the zip code I provide.

So far in my adventures today, I read up on gradients and how to automatically create boxes based of hex values I provided the system. This was a great way to start, but I wanted it to change based on the time of day. So I figured I could use the same formula and make it so the blending of the two colors in the scale change proportionately vs. having an background that would have to move over the course of 4 million flash frames – change based on the time of day. I didn’t want to go through creating 4 million frames in flash and then having problems with file size. So there has got to be another way! Eureka! There was!

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A few days ago I released which fixes a few problems with the updated way the javascript code reads host names. Sub-domains now work and that has been taken into effect. You no longer need a ‘woopra_site_id’ and that has been removed from this version. I just did a triple check because people were reporting that error. There is a 1.4.1, but it has not been coded yet. If yours says 1.4.1 right now, download from here. We are replacing the flash file for better capabilities. It will be another week or so before 1.4.1 is released. It will be after the WordPress 2.7 release.

For those looking for an update in the vBulletin version, I am working on it. I just haven’t had time to do that yet as I am working on WordPress 2.7 release at the moment.


I went ahead and made our current development version 1.3.8 into the new stable release. This version introduces a few major things.

  1. Translation support. You may look in the Woopra forums for the current version of the file needed to translate the plugin into different languages. Once we start getting some translation files back, we will release them in-mass. Look at the I18n for WordPress Developers on the WordPress codex for more translation information.
  2. The plugin has been tested all the way up to the current development version of WordPress (2.7.0 alpha)

Once we get enough translations, we will add them to the mix and start releasing the plugin with translation batches and support.


According to John, the Woopra King, beta registrations will be closing once the total number of sites hits 50,000. Currently roughly ~ 45,000 websites are being monitored and recorded, which is a huge enough sample to remove any outlasting bugs that may reside in either the application or the structure of the servers itself. So if you still want in, sign up now at Woopra! Otherwise you will have to wait for the offical release.

Over the past several days I been working on upgrading the attachment system to include multiple gallery support in the code. I am please to announced that this feature coded and ready to be put into the trunk. For those who are currently using 2.7.x on your production blog (who what to test out this system by using the patch file provided here), you will have to run the upgrade script (wp-admin/upgrade.php) as your attachments will not be in the attachment tab (formally the gallery tab) for multiple gallery items to work. [ gallery ] and the subsequent user-defined items should still work as normal unless you start to item up into different galleries. Then you will need to define the group number (i.e. group=”1” ).

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If it does, you are in luck! Or your server (like mine hosting this blog) has FTP/FTPS disabled and only uses SSH2 for shell and file transfers, you are even more luck!

Working with the WordPress dev team in IRC (, #wordpress-dev) and after becoming frustrated that I couldn’t use the automatic plugin upgrade feature and the new core update feature that is coming out for version 2.7.x, I took it upon myself to start writing a SSH2 transfer protocol class file. Along with a few people in the channel (in particular DD32) we have completed this major task in getting it working. (Check the status of it’s progress in this trac ticket.)

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Well after a few weeks of testing the 1.2.1 release, we have gone ahead and released 1.3. By now most of you who have the Woopra plugin should already have this installed, but I am glad to have helped out Elie and the rest of the Woopra team.

I have also become a moderator of the Woopra support forums as I know the Woopra system inside and out like Elie. I am proud to be a full member of the team. If you don’t have a Woopra enabled website signed up, sign up today and get the best Live Analytics program out there!