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I been working with Elie, the main programmer of Woopra, ever since the initial release in different aspects of the program. Testing theĀ  Java App, Javascript Chat, PHP/XML coding, general “previewer”, and coding buddy. With the 1.2 of the Java Application already released, some new features including access the new Woopra API become available as of today.

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Media Center Online!

Posted by Shane

I been putting it off for a while, but today I got my media center online. It is a flash based component that reads off a database and formats an XML “document” for the flash component to read correctly. I still haven’t done the back-end code yet — the current two images and one album where manually entered into the database.

All I want to do for that is select the files I want to upload, upload and then get a box to fill out the information that will submit it to the database. Since I am using WordPress as the back-end CMS, it’s very tough to design a back-end for a plugin now a days, but I know in the end I will get it. For those who are wondering, the system will be independent of WordPress’s “media” library, but will use the same components to upload.

So I still got work a head of me, but I think in the end I will be able to pull it off! :)


Since this design have been evolving, I wanted a Live Comment Preview so you, the reader, would see the comment show up as you typed it. Now there was a number of plugins that did this. I downloaded and uploaded this one and even after I edited the PHP to format the code correctly, even to use Gravatar, I stepped back just for a moment. I just learned jQuery so there got to be a way to do it. Just as quickly as I had uploaded, I deleted it off the system.

So I did some searching and I found this post on the subject. The idea and concept on the post was good, however it lacked a few things that I required. One of them was formatting the preview to what your “comments” would look like when they were posted and when you removed all the content from the “comment” area the Live Preview stuff was still showing; the live comment area should be removed if we are not entering a comment.

For me, that just doesn’t work. So I went ahead and created by own style and built it in directly to my theme. After a number of tries I came up with code that works out perfectly where it has my formatting in place and also disappears if there is no comment.

Anyway, another win for jQuery (2 – 0, Prototyping) and one more section knocked off the “to-do” list for this theme.


jQuery > Prototype

Posted by Shane

So today I was doing some surfing online and I noticed someone was talking about jQuery. I was always interested in what jQuery was so I watched the video screencast of them using it first. jQuery is..

…a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.

After watching the screen cast, I was amazed on how little code was used versus what Prototype would use to do the same thing.

That lead me to the fact that I could use jQuery instead of a massive lines of code I was using to format the module lists (the sidebar boxs) to the right with by adding the “first” and “last” class to the first and last list (LI) elements.

So after a little reading on the jQuery tutorial site I took the plunge. After a few failed attempts I got it working perfectly. It transformed from 40 lines of code using the prototype way to now just 6 lines of code. *shock* (Click here to view the JavaScript file here on the web.)

Just so your clear on the title of this blog, JQuery is far more superier than prototype. With promots me to wonder why one of the plugins I am running is using prototype when jQuery is much better. I might add more jQuery to do more fancy stuff as jQuery has a solid user base.


As most of you know, I am heavily involved with the Battlestar Wiki Project (which is part of FrakMedia! Productions) and we done a lot of work on the English wiki were we detailed almost every aspect of every detail of all the shows, events, characters, etc. in the wiki. The only new information I am seeing recently is from current episodes.

In any case, we link to episode pages a lot to satisfy a number of “mandated” conventions: cite, cross-referencing, etc. Usually inside a template we have to code it the long way out if there was multiple times that we had to refer to different episodes.

| sometemplatevar = [[33]]<br/>[[The Hand of God (RDM)|The Hand of God]]

Always a very unpleasant thing to do. So we were working on a new sub-wiki called “Battlestar Props” which is going to be a central repository on the props used in the show. One of people I work with suggested that we able to input into a template the production numbers of the episode(s) (eg. 101, 110) to render the links for us. I thought that was a great idea. So… the Episode parser was born!

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