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Movies that Define Us

Posted by Shane

We all have our ways of getting to know ourself better or to understand the more subtleties of life itself. My niche (like Baseball… a game of tendencies and situations) is movies. I can look at all the movies I own and look back to see why I liked them and also on what they all mean to me.

For some people its music. For other’s its books. And for even some people they find themselves in TV. No matter what we cling on to its something that defines us and tells others what type of person we are.

Tonight I came back from Going the Distance. A movie I highly recommended. Because it’s not about the time spent with the other person, it’s about going the distance to make it work out no matter what.

Rating: 10 out of 10.


Iron Man 2, Wowzers!

Posted by Shane

FYI.. if you do not know what ‘Wowzers’ is… you need to watch some Inpector Gadet. In any case, the movie was great. It picked up right where the first one left off and it was a non-stop action pack and it also had a pretty good story line as well. The comdey value in this one was much better in this one than the last one, however so this movie already does good in my books.

The only thing I am disappointed in is that Terrance Howard was not War Machine. Studios gotta realize that people love seeing continuity in movies and not having the same actor or actress in their respective roles makes a huge difference. If you go see this movie, you must wait until after the credits. Just like the first one, there is something directly after the credits are over.


So I thought I give you all an update. I am still traveling back and forth between NY to MN for work, working on web design and other related Best Buy/Geek Squad issues. It has been frustrating to say the least to fly back every two weeks. I am meeting tons of new people while in Minnesota. Starting tomorrow I will be staying for an entire month, but I was allowed to have the entire week off from April 30 through May 10th. It just so happens that it falls during my birthday. I also have a wedding to attend to in Boston that week, so it works out perfectly.

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I am all Avatar’ed out.

Posted by Shane

Today was the final time that I will see Avatar in the theater. I have seen it a total of 4 times — one time being by myself and the other in a non-IMAX theater. The next time I will see this movie is when it gets the awards for Best Picture, Best Special Effects, and Best Director at this years Awards Ceremony and then on Bluray.


Avatar IMAX 3D

Posted by Shane

Tagline: The hype was correct.

So I took myself out for an early holiday present. I went to go see Avatar before the holiday season. I had the night off, for once, and I just had to take the chance to see the movie before the New Year. I will be seeing this movie again to take in more of the subtle digital effects. This movie can be summed up to this:

Avatar ranks (IMDb) right up there; maybe better than The Dark Knight.

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