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Merry X-Mass Everyone!

Posted by Shane

Yes. Today is Christmas. While my present to myself was a DroidX phone upgrade, my other present was being able to sleep in today and also have three days off from work. The big seller of gifts this year seem to be iPads and while I never own one, it seems to be a very popular item this year. Who knows… maybe touch computers, like Star Trek, are among us.


(Yeah… so I havn’t posted in a while. Deal. :))

Today I took the plunge and got a new phone. I ditched my Blackberry Storm 1. That’s right. I had the original phone for over two years and the only major issue I ever had with the phone was up until recently I could not “unlock” the phone so I had to use the “bedtime mode” for the lock. Very annoying.

Going through the phones for the past 2 weeks, I decided it was time to upgrade and get the DroidX and “get with the times” sorta speak. So far I am pretty impressed, but I am still setting it up like I would like it. I should be up in running fully again within the hour after I add some applications I had on the blackberry and get my “home screens” configured. However, I must delete the bloatware that is installed because nothing pisses me more off than the bloatware.


On the way back home…

Posted by Shane

Tonight is my last night in good ol’ Minnesota. For the past 8 months I been up here working with the Best Buy Retail Web Development team, part of the overall Communications Team for the entire US Store Operations, as a paid-intern/paid-corperate employee working on website design and other fun projects.

With all the ups and downs I have had personally while up here it’s still been a challenge and it’s hard even though I lived away from home since I was 12 years old.

This experience I had gained from this work and the amount of confidence that I have in myself has really been boosted in a way that I know that I have the stuff that Fortune 500 Companies are looking for in a decided hard working programmer. I have gotten nothing but compliments today from the entire leadership team within my department and the co-workers I work with. I said my good byes to all the full-time corporate employees who I grown to be good friends with and will take the experience of what goes on in the Corporate world back to my store and in life to better help people.

If things turn out good, I will be back up here starting in January 2011 to help out with more projects and help inspire others that anyone can make a difference.

Thanks Minnesota for all the fish!


Header is now CSS3/HTML5

Posted by Shane

I get a lot of complements on my flash header. Particularly the second by second update of the “gradient tween” that goes between that syncs up with the real time of day. So as you are reading this now, look at the header on my site (Flash enabled?). Does the time period pretty much match what is outside at the moment? It should be pretty close to what your experiencing outside.

This 24-loop header is great because you also see the stars “rise” and “set”, different seasons, and even the animated butterflies that pop out during the summer time. Overall the header is the most advanced thing that I can find on the web that does this type of animation. There is one catch to viewing this header: You have to have flash enabled and/or be on a flash compatible device. Do’h!

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