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Another successful event about all things Battlestar with the wonderful panel that I was part of again. This being our second time doing this panel we had much more fun this time around since the entire evening was talking about the show. We were not rushed doing other events and we still had time for Battlestar Galactica Trivia in between the major question directions.
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Battlestar NYC Panel

Today is the day that the Battlestar Wiki hosts the second Battlestar Galactica NYC Panel. If you are planning on attending be sure to arrive an hour early for a meet and greet session before hand. The admission price is $10 however there is trivia with prizes to be won!

Official Facebook Event Page is here. If you don’t have facebook and can not confirm that you are showing up, no worries. Just show up at the art space:

Galapagos Art Space in NYC
16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY

Hope to see you there!


You have read that correctly. My Windows 7/Application hard drive died when I came back from work. After being able to backup the folders needed before I could not boot into Windows 7 again without damaging the drive permanently, I rushed to my local store… where I work… got a 1TB WD HDD for replacement and raced back here to get the story out that I will be offline just for a bit as I reinstall everything this evening.

I had three 500GB WD drives, but only one was used more than the other because of the storage of Windows and most of my game data files so I don’t see any failure any time soon on the other drives, but I will make sure I keep a good eye and backup often. Most of the data is stored externally for programing, but some of the design files are stored locally. As I tell everyone, no one, no matter how good you are, your hard drive will crash at one point.

Updates as they happen!

11:07pm Update: I was able to hook up my old HDD and get the information that I needed. Including my application installs so I don’t have to look for them all again, documents, mail, and bookmarks. This is good news. Always backup! Never forget!

11:51pm Update: I am starting the long process of reinstalling everything.

2:11am Update: Everything is all done. A few more applications to install: WinRAR and the Adobe Suite CS4.


Site a bit messed up…

Posted by Shane

As the topic says… the CSS and XHTML is all fail right now. I am working on getting all the CSS and XHMTL working within the next day or so. This all stems from me wanting to move the CSS to CSS3 for easier rounded borders.

3am Update: I got a lot of the new markup done. A few problem remain, but I will leave them for tomorrow when I am more awake.

4am Update: Ok. Officially going to bed. I just imported all my posts in my dev blog to see how things are going. I see what needs to be done and I am going to do it tomorrow! Peace! :)

10am Update: I updated the site with the new theme files. Everything is wacked, but I needed more content to test with that I did not have locally.

3pm Update: Almost all files are done. Doing the page css now. Next post I should say “DONE!” :)