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It’s dead according to a co-worker. So that means I will be in a rush mode to get a new version ASAP and this time I am going to get it registered so I don’t have to worry about spending $$ to get a new one. I am a tard for not doing it last time.


LIPA Bill, $2,261.59

Posted by Shane

So I had a bit of a problem with LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) with my bill. First two times they over-charged me because they “estimated” on how much I had used, given the fact that I only been here a month and I only really used 63 KWH between September and for the month of October around the same amount. After calling them about it I told them what my starting reading was and the current reading.

I was told that I was going to get an adjusted bill in a few days, and that it would be credit back on my account. Coming back from work tonight, I check my mail…


I was in shock.They changed my “turned on reading” to the number to today’s number, and kept the old number from the old and “wrong” bill the new number. So instead of being like $182 and change it’s $2,261 and change!!!!! 11,413 KW instead of like 63 KW.

Now it’s Friday and they are closed until Monday 8am! So… you can imagine on how much of a shock I was in when I got this bill. Anyway, Monday phone call will be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes!


I was reading my favorite online comic, HiJinks Ensue, and the comic posted on the 22nd of October, explained the potential and fatal flaw within the FedEx Kinko’s model. Charging a customer for each double click of a file to open for printing is to me charging a paying customers to write one line of code even it was just a:


The best part is if anyone orders the comic from Joel at HiJinks Ensue, he is going to bring it back to the FedEx Kinkos to prove a point to them. I hope he gives them an inexpensive thumbdrive.


So I don’t know how many you know that I use three machines, not all on a daily basis, but at lest two I do.

  1. IBM ThnkPad
  2. Dell XPS M1530 (Non-Blu Ray)
  3. Customized Desktop

So last night I went to turn on my Dell XPS and I accidentally pressed the Media Direct button. I knew that it brought up a special program that allowed you to play DVDs and look at pictures without booting into the full thing of Visita. What I didn’t know then what I know now is that the Media Direct is corrupt. Since it’s stored on a hidden partition that you really can’t access it tough to make changes to the settings. So when I went to turn it off, my Dell kept booting into the Media Direct. I got really frustrated and after searching online for a boot cd that I could use to reset the Master Boot Record (MBR) I found one that worked. Now I know how to use these programs, but when I went to change the active partition back to Vista, things started getting more our of whack. Go figure.

So I had to end up putting in my Dell Restore CD’s last night to see if Vista can fix the problem without having to re-install everything. Afraid not. So I started the restore this morning at 8am when I woke up ever so briefly, and started the restore processes. As of this moment of me typing this all to you, Windows is doing it’s Windows Updates. It was very easy to restore and install the drivers on the discs Dell provides for you and on top of that, it even saved my programing directory. So I just gotta install the TortoiseSVN extension so I can read it. In the end, the Dell starts up much faster because I was able to not install the Dell Software suite fully and just install the software I wanted. The last thing I have to do is install the webcam software and then my anti-virus. Then everything will be as good as new!


Blade Runner.. 2?

Posted by Shane

First of all: HECK NO!

If they create this movie and it is really bad, the first movie which was so good will be ruined forever. The rumored screenwriter wrote ‘Eagle Eye’ which hasn’t been getting very good reviews despite it’s high box office numbers. You can read the full details over at /film. Props to DrWho42 who pointed it out on the BSG Forums.


NYY goes down in flames!

Posted by Shane

I was watching the last half of the NYY vs. TEX game live on and it was the bottom of the 9th. Bases were loaded. Next batter… walk-off grand slam. Game over. 9-5 TEX. VAB!

P.S. I was mad!


Firefox > IE

Posted by Shane

I know this issue is pretty much settled, but I just like to say the IE is the worst browser ever. It can’t even run a simple flash program correctly!