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Exhaustion and Fun Times

Posted by Shane

Being that we skied close to 5 miles the day before we weren’t that “mobile” in the morning. We were slow to get out of bed and to the kitchen to make our breakfast.

Our breakfast was the usual (And this is a complete breakfast for skiing as hard as we did) per person plate:

  • One Fried Organic Large Egg
  • Bagel w/ Cream Cheese or Toast w/ Butter
  • OJ and/or Water (1 Glass)
  • 6 pieces of Turkey Bacon (8 for me…)
  • 1 Half of Red Grapefruit or 1 Banana

We never had a grapefruit every morning. Who ever had OJ never had a grapefruit. In any case we didn’t get onto the bus to get to the Park City Mountain until 10:15am which meant a 10:45am arrival at the base.

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Today was our last day in Deer Valley. *cries* This mountain was fabulous the 3 days I visited it. Since it was our last day in Deer Valley and we could do it, myself and my sister skied over 25,000 vertical feet (26,790 was the actual vertical feet). This is a little over 5 miles of skiing in one day. My legs hurt until I got in the hot tub back in the condo.

To do this we had to ditch mom after lunch to ski hard and fast to take the flagstaff mountain lifts up 8 times to go 25,000 vertical feet. We only got in 7 rides up before the lift closed so we ended up doing the ski school lift once to get the extra feet needed. While we were coming back down from the flagstaff peek, we caught up with mom who finished our journey. read more ‘In Mr. Burns Voice: Excellent


Today we went to Snowbird Mountain. The site of many things:

  1. Beautiful Landscapes
  2. Great Skiing
  3. No “Crowds”
  4. Massive

Today instead of taking the bus, we rented a SUV for the day to drive to the mountain. This was a new experience for me as I was the designated driver set forth when I was back in NY before I left on this little trip. Not new in driving, but driving in Utah and in ski cloths for most of the trip.

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Day 2 of Paradise

Posted by Shane

Today was the 2nd day of skiing at Deer Valley. Even though we only did a half day of skiing, I still clocked in 15,490 (Not Official) vertical feet. Today I started out by waking up super early only to find out that everyone else was exhausted. This helped me also a little bit as I was able to get some work done, help my ankle “heal” up a bit (More on this later), and rest me up for tomorrow’s trip to Snowbird Mountain.

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SAT Question (Pick One): Deer Valley is to Heaven as Canyons is to…

  1. Hell
  2. Bottomless Pit
  3. Place of Torment
  4. Wretchedness

Place answer here: _____

You pick one? You are correct! They are all possible answers in this version of the SAT. 😛

What a difference 24 hours is in terms of the location of where we are skiing. Today was pure bliss. Nothing short of perfect. Weather again was perfect. Sun, Little Wind, and above 32 degrees that it was steaming hot on the mountain when skiing down. As you might have guessed, we skied Deer Valley today. It was a much better day than skiing at The Canyons yesterday.

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So today we skied a different mountain: The Canyons. (Why am I even linking to them?) When we all woke up, we were a little tired from yesterdays massive ski day especially me since I did twice what my mom and sister did with me including the extra lift ride my sister did. But we have three mountains to ski on: Park City, Deer Vally, and Canyons. We are heading to Snowbird mountain one day as well. So you get a bit of variety in terms of runs, lifts, and food.

Back to the main point of this days adventures. Today’s mountain sucked big time. As my mom would call it: All System Failed. But lets start from the beginning shall we….

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So yesterday was a very slow day because today was my 7am wake up so I can take the 8:45am power clinic for expert skiers only. Lets do a little recap of yesterday even though this post is about today’s exciting day.

Recap of 2/24/10: Mom was sick. She did not ski, so it was just myself and sis. We did all groomed runs in a very windy and snowy day with very little viability down the slopes. Even in the very terrible conditions we did 18,885 vertical feet. We ended early as well since sister’s foot was getting cold. So left me lots of energy. I was very bored all evening until I went to bed.

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