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A Year Long Semi-Sabbatical

Posted by Shane

Since last November, I been wanting to accomplish my goals in life and I tried to do it while maintaining my responsibilities to the online community in which I adore being part of. With that said though it’s been 7 months since then and I am no where close to accomplishing my goals due to the fact my current job had a wacky work schedule, which has now pretty much normalized since I been up here in Minnesota, but still very crazy indeed. There are sacrifices I need to make in order for the goals to happen.

I can say right off the bat that I am not leaving the WordPress Core Contributor Group, I am just making adjustments to my other commitments that are the real slow downs in my goals.

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I do a lot of programming. My queue for that matter that I run for “tasks” to do has been backed up because of this vBulletin (vB) design system.

It’s not because of the code or operation, but the way that it is designed. In WordPress we strive to have a great UI and UX team to be able to see the pitfalls of usability before we release WordPress to the masses. vBulletin is not free, so you/I expect a few things including this kind of testing.

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