Summer television is always fun because they always bring up new exciting shows, and even bring back previous series from season past. Most of my favorite shows are on USA Network. In no particular order…

  • In Plain Sight – Show about US Marshals, WITSEC Program.
  • Burn Notice – A spy who got blacklisted, and tries to figure out who blacklisted him.
  • Monk – OCD Detective who can solve the most impossible crimes (Sub Plot: Trying to figure out who killed his late wife – a six finger man)
  • Psych – Two “detectives” who are “fake” psychic and their “abilities” are utilized by the Santa Barbara Police Department. Great support cast!
  • Eureka – A show about a town that is full of science an innovation.

All these shows have good stories. I am fan of all of them. :)

Update: I forgot Eureka! – 7/29/08

Left 4 Dead: Preview

Posted by Shane

One of the games I am most anticipated to play is Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

A quick description of Left 4 Dead from Wikipedia:

Left 4 Dead is played in first person perspective, with full visualization of the player character’s body. Up to four players take control of the four main characters of the game, “The Survivors”, who play through the levels fighting off the Infected, which are humans who have been infected with a mutated form of rabies.

I have been following any news I can get on this game as I really want to beta test this game. *hint* *hint* The game comes out in Nov. 2008. I plan on getting in deep with this game as I already been working on a map idea that takes us through our Nation’s Capitol as the survivors have to rescue a number of VIPs in the remaining area that have yet to be evacuated by the Marines. It’s still in the early planing stages and I can only do so much on paper. Once the SDK is released, I plan on taking my ideas from paper to reality.

Check out the official website and the major primary fan site that has everything to do with the game.

Design Finalized

Posted by Shane

Many of the CSS design, navigation, and HTML code has been finished. I am still working on several more “page” templates to expand the type of pages. Flash will be included on some page(s). If you see any errors of concern, please leave a comment on this post so I can take care of it.

Thanks to Jon for some usefull plugin information and design comments. He even pointed out that my design is eco-friendly to your computer monitor as it doesn’t need as much energy to display.


Cox TV / Internet

Posted by Shane

Down here in sunny northern VA, we have Cox internet. This is the only internet/TV I have in my current apartment complex. When I first came down here in 2007, I wish that it was either Verzion FIoS, which will never happen, or Comcast Internet/TV.

Since being with Cox, my DVR has broken two times, and I gotten it replaced a number of times. Even when watching Live TV, does it also sometime cut out of the channel. Now I have no signal boaster, but I am thinking about getting one.

The internet… totally different story. It goes from fast to slow. Plus the cable modem that you get is also crap. It can’t even handle a high-end router. Now I will have to wait till my Sunday night shows are put online before I can watch them. Thank god for,

Mulder and Suclly

Mulder and Suclly

Myself being an avid X-Files Fan, I went to see the movie this past Friday (again at midnight) and I was hoping to be pleased. Turns out I was not. They did not play play off the mythology of the original show, which was a key success. I believe the script was poor and that they didn’t really connect with the fans of the show. If I was the script writer, I would have made some major changes to the story. Unlike The Dark Knight, I suggest you wait for it to come out on DVD. This one is clearly a movie that you can watch in bed and still understand what goes on even if you fall asleep during the film.

If anything, I rather watch Season 9 of X-Files than this movie again.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Heath Ledger as the Joker

I saw The Dark Knight (IMDb) on opening “early morning” at midnight (12:01am) and I have already seen it a second time. I plan on seeing it at least one more time at an IMAX theater. I was very bit impressed with with Heath Ledger performance of one of my favorite villains.

When ever I watch Batman on television, all other villains just bore because they are mundane and have no fun. The Joker is crazy and funny at the same time. Jack Nickolson’s performance of the Joker in the original Batman film was good at the time. But this performance of Heath’s is just amazing. Not only does he capture the meaning and style of the Joker, he really does become one with the character. Along with that, Nolan used an IMAX camera for the four action scenes that are in the film.

When it comes to characters in the new series of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan, everyone has played their role successfully that you believe that the characters are real people. I think the only exception to the fact was Katie Homes version of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins.

The full review is below… and if you have not seen this movie do not read it yet. It is worth to see the movie without any knowledge of what happens.

read more ‘The Dark Knight: WOW! 100%!@


Welcome back to ‘the rabbit hole’! (redundant I know.. :))

This blog/website way back in the day used to be my little place to express myself, post my projects, and just random stuff that is going on. I figured it was time to bring it back as the site has just been sitting behind the scenes for ages without anything going on.

So expect to see maybe daily updates and major additions to this site in the coming days. If you are visiting right now, you might notice that I am still working on the main design layout. Over the new few hours (maybe a day or two…), I should have the design up and running.

However — I like to point out that the blog will not be the first page that you come to anymore. It will be a portal page that will highlight everything that is going on the website. I might be integrating some Macromedia Flash.

Also if you have been using my “old” email address for this domain, it no longer is valid. You can send an email to it though and it will forward to my new email address.

Anyway, thanks for coming!