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(Yeah… so I havn’t posted in a while. Deal. :))

Today I took the plunge and got a new phone. I ditched my Blackberry Storm 1. That’s right. I had the original phone for over two years and the only major issue I ever had with the phone was up until recently I could not “unlock” the phone so I had to use the “bedtime mode” for the lock. Very annoying.

Going through the phones for the past 2 weeks, I decided it was time to upgrade and get the DroidX and “get with the times” sorta speak. So far I am pretty impressed, but I am still setting it up like I would like it. I should be up in running fully again within the hour after I add some applications I had on the blackberry and get my “home screens” configured. However, I must delete the bloatware that is installed because nothing pisses me more off than the bloatware.


Joined the Twitter Universe

Posted by Shane

Yes… a new way to follow me around, Twitter.

I signed up yesterday and gave it a whirl. Not bad since I been resisting it for a long time. I installed a BlackBerry application to allow me to tweet from my phone. Some people have their Twitter updates feed inside their’ WordPress blogs. At this moment I don’t plan on doing that since the blog would get crowded with short posts that are pointless other than this being a huge feed to keep track on what I post about. Who knows…

Anyway if you have Twitter and you want to follow me, go ahead and visit my Twitter page here. On the left hand side in the upper box (Site Tools) the direct link will always exist plus the link to the Twitter RSS feed as well.

*UPDATE* Twitter has fixed the picture uploading problem I have now have my profile icon activated. 😀


Yes. This is the first post on my blog in over 4 months. What have I been doing? I been working like a whore that I am. 😀 There is even so many changes to the official release of 2.7.1 that I had to get rid of the production copy that I had on this server with my multiple gallery support. I did remove that feature from my site so posts that had it, will function a little weird right now. They are very old posts so I don’t seem them becoming a problem right now. More on this later. So… you are wondering why I am posted again after 4 months? Well… I will tell you a story.

read more ‘Where did I go? I was working. A lot.


Blackberry Strom

Posted by Shane

My Verizon contract is up on November 23rd. However, instead of getting a new phone/contract right then, I am going to wait for the new Blackberry Storm to come out. It’s a sleek new phone from Verizon that is touch screen enabled. This is a feature I am most interested in, but I never wanted an iPhone because of the use of the AT&T as my carrier. I would never get a signal where I go. The Blackberry has an opportunity for programing which I might take up to learn. It is Java, so I would be treading into unknown territory.