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I have now seen the new Star Trek movie not once, but twice. The first time I saw it in an IMAX Theater. The video and sound quality was much better than on a normal screen where I saw it a second time.

While I was never a fan of the Original Series Star Trek with William Shatter, this reboot of the series is fantastic.

Though we are now in the 21st century, the graphics, technology, and special effects allow this movie to have rich detail while still preserving the essence of Trek lore.

(If you haven’t seen the movie yet be prepared to be spoiled. Highlight to see the spoilers part.)

While the plot was excellent, this movie did introduced the most common Star Trek “paradox”: Time Travel. Bad guys come from the future… try to take out the past. Past guys figure out how to beat future guys, everything is good.

(End of Spoilers)

Star Trek Movie Logo

Star Trek Movie Logo

With that said the acting was the best I have ever seen in a Star Trek movie. Practically everything was the best I have ever seen in a Star Trek movie. This movie is worth seeing at least 3 times, if not more once it comes out on BluRay.

Rating: 11 out of 10!


So I just finished watching James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace. I have to say I am loving this new style of Bond movies that star Daniel Craig.

This movie has it all the usual refinements.

  • Girls: Check
  • Cars: Check
  • Guns: Check
  • Action: Check
  • Tech: Semi-Check

The only real tech in this movie was from while we were inside MI6. Something we haven’t seen really much of in the previous bond movies. Q is sadly missing from this movie, however, I don’t know how he could have provided support to Bond in this movie.

Other than that, this movie was really well done!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars.


Yes. This is the first post on my blog in over 4 months. What have I been doing? I been working like a whore that I am. 😀 There is even so many changes to the official release of 2.7.1 that I had to get rid of the production copy that I had on this server with my multiple gallery support. I did remove that feature from my site so posts that had it, will function a little weird right now. They are very old posts so I don’t seem them becoming a problem right now. More on this later. So… you are wondering why I am posted again after 4 months? Well… I will tell you a story.

read more ‘Where did I go? I was working. A lot.


Dark Knight on BluRay

Posted by Shane

I got my copy of  The Dark Knight on BluRay with the bonus digital copy which is nice since I can copy it onto my BlackBerry Storm when I am on the go. One thing that happened recently was the nominations for the Globes were snubbed on this movie for Best Picture and Best Director which it truly deserved.


Iron Man

Posted by Shane

So who hasn’t seen Iron Man? This movie is one of the two marvel movies I enjoy. The other being X-Men I, II, and III. I wasn’t really a fan of the The Incredible Hulk, other than I like to see the Cameo that Stark plays in the film. I hear it’s very minor. I know this review is way late. I saw this movie 3 times in the theater when it was out and I already rented it once from Blockbuster. I plan on getting the Blu-Ray version of this movie along with The Dark Knight Blu-Ray release in December.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.